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Black Friday Deals from BolehVPN

November 25th, 2014

Black-Friday-Deals1BitCoin Black Friday

We are happy to provide a 10% discount for all purchases made using BitCoin during the promotional period which is 28th November 2014 – 1st December 2014.

Check out for a whole list of other merchants offering promotions for BitCoin use and spread the love!

BestVPN Deal

We are also proud to partner with to offer 15% additional days on any account purchased during the same period (28th November 2014 – 1st December 2014) if they send after purchase to our e-mail [sales [a]] with the following:

Subject: BestVPN Black Friday BolehVPN

BolehVPN Username:
Invoice ID:
Package Purchased:

For a full list of’s promotions head on here.

TM Net Restoration of International Data Link to Europe

November 24th, 2014

An important notice to our Malaysian Customers that are on Unifi and Streamyx.

TM net have detected a fault on the South East Asia–Middle East-Western Europe (SMW4) submarine cable providing international data link to Europe.

Customers on Unifi and Streamyx will experience slow connection and speeds to our VPN servers in Europe


Due to this, UniFi and Streamyx users may experience:

  1. ​Slow browsing when accessing sites and servers hosted in Europe
  2. Less than ideal call quality when making and receiving VOIP calls to and from Europe
  3. Less than ideal online gaming performance when using servers hosted in Europe
  4. Customers using Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and other critical business applications linked to Europe may also experience some level of service degradation.



Encrypting your DNS Lookups via DNSCrypt

November 24th, 2014

dnscryptA great way to improve your privacy is via DNSCrypt which was developed by OpenDNS to turn regular DNS traffic into encrypted DNS traffic that is secure from eavesdropping and man-in-the-middle attacks.

We highly recommend this to those who are serious about privacy and we did consider adding this to our own client but decided against it for the moment lest it add unnecessary complexity for the average user since sometimes DNSCrypt servers go down and it requires some trial and error to see which DNS servers work best for you.

Note that the program does trigger some Antivirus warnings due to it being unrecognised and called a proxy but it is safe.

The best way to use it with Windows is to get DNSCrypt WinClient which adds an easy to use graphical interface. All you have to do is

  1. Download DNSCrypt from here.
  2. Extract the DNSCrypt zip and them download DNSCrypt WinClient and place the exe in the “bin” folder of the previously extracted DNSCrypt.
  3. Run dnscrypt-winclient.exe. Pick a close DNS server to connect to and select the network adapters you want to apply it to.
  4. Then either “install as a service” or “start”. Doing it a service locks it in permanently and secures your computer everytime it boots up while start is just a one-off way.

For other OS, please refer to DNSCrypt website for further details.

BolehVPN now accepts DarkCoin on top of BitCoin and DogeCoin (10% Discount)

November 24th, 2014

darkcoin_logo_sBolehVPN was one of the first VPN providers to accept BitCoin and DogeCoin. We’re now proud to announce that we will also support DarkCoin a privacy and anonymity-centric cryptocurrency.

DarkCoin’s main advantage is that it is private (anonymous) and fast (almost instant). BitCoin although reasonably anonymous if carefully used can still be traced back to you with various new techniques developed.

DarkCoin offers a feature called DarkSend which mixes coins in the wallet so they are anonymized and untraceable. You can read more about DarkCoin at its website.

Paying for BolehVPN using DarkCoin or DogeCoin

We use CoinPayments payment processor to accept DarkCoin and DogeCoin but activation of orders would need to be manual for the moment. Register yourself on our portal and place an order. Head to the link here: make payment and then upload your payment proof at our portal’s payment page. We will process this manually and activate it within the same day.

10% Discount on DarkCoin and DogeCoin payments

During this period we will offer a 10% discount on payments via DarkCoin and DogeCoin to promote their use! This is processed automatically at the conversion page despite the USD figure quoted.

Important: Configuration Updates

November 10th, 2014

As per our previous post, we have decided on a schedule for our server changes. Unfortunately this means that we will have to reboot the servers and your connection may be interrupted. Please be advised if you use the servers mentioned below during the times they are scheduled for changes, you may face difficulties in getting connected or maintaining a connection. The schedule will be as below

Thursday (13th November 2014)

1000-1200 GMT +8 – All USA and Canada servers.

1400-1600 GMT +8 – UK, Sweden, Luxembourg servers.

Friday (14th November 2014)

1000-1200 GMT +8 – Germany, France, Italy servers

1400-1600 GMT +8 – Japan, Switzerland, Netherlands, China servers


Accessing the updated servers

For users on our BolehVPN client, just head over to the Settings tab and hit Update Configurations. For users on OpenVPN-GUI or Tunnelblick.

  1. Head over to our user portal and login.
  2. Click on Download Configurations.
  3. Go to /Program Files/OpenVPN/Configs (OpenVPN GUI) or ~/Library/Application Support/Tunnelblick/Configurations (Tunnelblick)
  4. Delete all the .ovpn files.
  5. Open the .zip file you just downloaded from our user portal.
  6. Extract the contents into the Configs or Configurations folder.
  7. Restart OpenVPN-GUI / Tunnelblick.
  8. Connect!

For users on iOS or Android, just delete all the servers in OpenVPN Connect. Then, follow the setup guide from our website (link) and you should have no problems. For users on Linux or DDWRT, here are the settings for the different servers after these changes.:

auth sha512 cipher AES-256-CBC tls-cipher TLS-DHE-RSA-WITH-AES-128-CBC-SHA
auth sha512 cipher AES-256-CBC tls-cipher TLS-DHE-RSA-WITH-AES-128-CBC-SHA
cipher AES-128-CBC tls-cipher TLS-DHE-RSA-WITH-AES-128-CBC-SHA


cipher AES-128-CBC tls-cipher TLS-DHE-RSA-WITH-AES-128-CBC-SHA

Edit: updated the Linux / DDWRT section with the latest details from our network admin. These are the latest details, not the email announcement. Apologies for any confusion.