6 Things You Can Do After the Yahoo Hack

Posted by Aazean on 01-Oct-2016 20:18:59

You have probably heard by now about the massive hack which hit Yahoo in 2014 but had only been announced last week. The cyberattack which occurred two years ago has exposed the email addresses, telephone numbers, scrambled passwords and other information of half a billion users, although Yahoo has not given a precise timeline explaining when exactly it knew about the 2014 cyberattack.

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Singapore Reviewing Legality of VPNs in the Country

Posted by Aazean on 04-Sep-2016 18:08:54

One of the best reasons to subscribe to a VPN service is to unlock access to library content on streaming services across all regions. However, it seems that due to this very reason, the Singaporean government is looking into reviewing VPN technology as part of proposed changes to their Copyright Law.

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Positive VPN Review from VPN Analysis!

Posted by Aazean on 24-Aug-2016 21:04:03

Cheers to the good folks over at VPN Analysis who have taken the time and effort to review our VPN service. Yet another inspiring feature to add to the growing list of positive VPN reviews for our BolehVPN service! Thanks guys!

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How Much of My Info Does Pokémon Go Have Access To?

Posted by Aazean on 21-Aug-2016 22:12:06

It’s the latest phenomenon to sweep players all over the world. Even if you may not be a Pokémon lover, it is easy to get caught up in all of the Pokémon Go game’s hype. The Pokémon Go craze started when the app launched in early July, and needless to say, the mobile game has taken the world by storm, so much so that even Harley Quinn is hooked on it.

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6 Types of VPN Users

Posted by Aazean on 14-Aug-2016 17:41:58

While one may be familiar with the use of a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to safeguard your online privacy, a VPN can in fact vary in its uses and benefits depending on the type of online user you are. Read along to find out if you can identify with any of these category of VPN users to see how a VPN service may best suit your needs.

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How To Use a VPN to Watch the Rio Olympics Live

Posted by Aazean on 06-Aug-2016 18:35:51

The 2016 Rio Olympics are upon us! Formally running from the 5th of August until the 21st of August in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, this international sporting competition is geared up to be a spectacle of thrilling games and events. With more than 11,000 athletes from 207 nations participating in almost 40 different sports, there is so much to catch up with! That is why BolehVPN wants to ensure that you will not miss any moment of history being made during this 2016 Summer Olympics when the whole world is tuned in to the screen the event.

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Why you should use a VPN on public Wi-Fi

Posted by Aazean on 02-Aug-2016 12:22:34

Most people are unaware of the risks of using a public Wi-Fi. To illustrate the potential risks, a private cybersecurity firm, LE Global Services set-up a Wi-Fi that masqueraded as a franchise restaurant's Wi-Fi also termed as an 'evil-twin attack'. These type of attacks are trivial to setup and from this evil twin Wi-Fi, they were able to record the all the activities of those who mistakenly connected to the evil twin Wi-Fi and every e-mail address, username and password that was keyed in was captured. Once equipped with this information, they can easily steal your digital identity, send messages on your behalf and read sensitive data.

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What Is a VPN & Why Might I Need It?

Posted by Aazean on 31-Jul-2016 16:27:27

Have you ever felt unsafe of the amount of sensitive information you were disclosing on the internet without your knowledge? Or how much of your data has been vulnerably exposed enough to create your digital profile on the internet? Have you ever wished to gain more control of your activities on the internet but just never knew where to start due to the vastness of it all? Or perhaps you are just tired of the oppressive censorship in your country, and region-blocked services when you feel it is your right to a free and equal internet without discrimination of which country you are from?

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