The Ultimate Guide to Cryptocurrency for a Super Beginner

Posted by Aazean on 01-Jun-2017 14:51:05

When companies all over the world faced a hit in the recent “WannaCry” ransomware demanding payment in the form of Bitcoin, the world saw a drastic surge in the growth of Bitcoin value.

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Myth: “Bitcoin is Anonymous”; Why You Should Use a VPN with Cryptocurrencies

Posted by Aazean on 03-Mar-2017 18:30:00

A common misconception of Bitcoins (or most cryptocurrencies for that matter) is that they are anonymous. However, this is not the case.

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Why You Should Pay For Your VPN in Bitcoin

Posted by Aazean on 12-Dec-2016 08:57:31

Most VPN providers will offer customers various forms to pay for their VPN services. While in general most customers are happy paying for a VPN using a credit card or PayPal, the users who value financial anonymity would seek to deal their payments in cryptocurrencies.

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