10 Reasons Reddit Users Gave For Using a VPN

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November 16, 2019
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10 Reasons Reddit Users Gave For Using a VPN

There are a variety of reasons that Internet users will choose to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) while they are online. For these Reddit users, these are their motivations for using a VPN:


1) “If someone is going to see my internet habits, it’s going to be someone I choose damnit.” – u/chaos36.



2) “For torrenting, security, anonymity, geo-blocking and avoiding my ISP from spying on me.” – u/Davis3450.



3) “Because Reddit & Imgur are blocked in my country.” – u/nefrmt.


4) “For improved security when doing online transactions.” – u/tlucas.


5) “Basically just to mask search inquiries and screw with anything that logs my IP address. It’s annoying and I don’t like how much personal data is collected these days. A VPN is as natural to me as closing the blinds in my flat.” – u/Killer_Bhree.


6) “I hate my ISP.” – u/thelous.


7) “For watching Hulu and Netflix US from outside the US.” – u/paraduckz.

8) “I use VPNs: To access to work when I am home. To access home when I am away. To access services I run on servers without opening it to the world. To secure my connections when using public or untrusted uplinks. To make secure network connections between servers in different locations.” – u/libertyprivate.


9) “So I can access my home network from outside it.” – u/aspoels.


10) “Because everyone’s doing it.” – u/Lordb14m.


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