The end of file sharing, or the beginning of online privacy?

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February 15, 2012
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February 22, 2012
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The end of file sharing, or the beginning of online privacy?

Megaupload was taken down forcibly, and just recently BTJunkie voluntarily shut down its servers. As we’ve mentioned before, Filesonic has basically stopped being useful by disallowing 3rd party downloads. So what does this trend mean for online sharing as we know it?

It may mean that people are beginning to find new and creative ways to use the internet. As you may know, BitTorrents are still incredibly popular. As such, they are inspiring other companies to find new ways to utilize the technology. Tribler is a site dedicated to staying online no matter what. As their creators say, “the only way to take it down is to take down the internet.” Torrents may be in trouble in the short run, but it looks like they may be here to stay.

We may be at the tipping point of the whole online privacy vs. copyright law issue right now. As companies and governments seek to secure that copyright laws are upheld online, there are countering companies and people who are paving the way for new technologies to solve the issue. At any rate, it seems like we are one bill away from a significant change with our online lives, yet one innovative technology away from not having to worry about it at all.

Since VPNs are the simplest solution to protect people from online snooping, they are becoming more and more popular. Even though there has been a strong push to kill online sharing, it seems internet users will not give up without a fight.

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