5 Benefits of a Paid VPN Service Over a Free VPN

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March 6, 2018
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5 Benefits of a Paid VPN Service Over a Free VPN

With tons of free Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) readily downloadable off the Internet or on your smartphone, why would anyone want to pay for a VPN service when you could get one for free, right?

Have you ever given it a thought on how free VPN companies are sustaining a business when they are not charging you for a product with overhead costs to run?

After all, they are not “free meals” in the business, and free VPNs could be doing more harm than good for your privacy when you are surfing the Internet.

Bet you want to know more on why a paid VPN service is more trustworthy than a free one now. So read on!



Now we are not saying that all paid VPN services are free from scams on their own. A certain level of effort should go into your research before signing up for any ol’ VPN subscription.

However, if you read our post Free Mobile VPNS; Are They Safe?, you will understand just how dangerous “free” can get.

Even if a free VPN is popular among friends or has ten million downloads, this does not prove the credibility of the service.



A free VPN will tend to throttle your surfing speeds. Why? Because bandwidth is one of the largest costs for a VPN company. In order to save on bandwidth, free VPNs will cut back on the bandwidth you can access. Worse yet, if they are not slowing down on your bandwidth, they might even be making use of users’ own bandwidths.

If you intend to stream or torrent using a VPN, this is the exact opposite from what you would want. A paid VPN will have their own servers to route your traffic through them. And you can be sure that a connection would more likely be stable on a VPN with their own servers, rather than a free VPN with limited servers.



A popular gimmick for free VPNs would be to limit your service and if you wanted to use anything more you will still need to upgrade to premium.

A paid subscription to a VPN service like BolehVPN will ensure that all features are fully-accessible to you. No such thing as limited servers, logging you out after an hour, data allocation on how much you can serve, throttling your bandwidth, or leaving you high and dry without tech support when something goes down.



Subscribing to a paid VPN is very much like subscribing to Spotify Premium over its free counterpart: the joy of not having adverts bombarded in your face every few minutes.

Not only are those ads annoying when you are trying to go about using the service, but it can in fact get dangerous when adverts are laden with malware. After all, for a free service, why not throw in a free virus in there as well?



At the core of a VPN service should lie its private nature in the way it handles your Internet traffic. From encrypting your online communications, to masking your IP address (i.e. your identity) on the Internet.

While we cannot say for all paid VPNs, at BolehVPN we maintain a strict no-logs policy, which means we will never track you or your Internet activity.

In the case of free VPNs, you are essentially a product to them, this means so is all your browsing habits and personal information. Since all of your Internet traffic is being routed through your VPN company, it is important that the VPN company you use is one you know you can trust with your private data.


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