5 Cybersecurity Jobs in 2020 You’d Want to Get Into

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5 Cybersecurity Jobs in 2020 You’d Want to Get Into

Cybersecurity may be one of the fastest-growing career field today. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the job outlook for the cybersecurity field will grow 32% between 2018 and 2028 (average growth for all jobs is about 7%).

Cybercrimes will annually damage $6 trillion of worldwide property by 2021. With a worldwide shortage of up to 2 million, the demand for cybersecurity professionals is going to stay as it is for several years to come.

Because cybersecurity jobs are in such high demand, salaries are also said to be rising for these jobs. In general, the median annual wage for computer and information technology occupations was $86,320 in May 2018, which was higher than the median annual wage for all occupations of $38,640.

In this article, we have listed down among the top promising cybersecurity jobs come year 2020.



Security engineers are professionals who protect computer and networking systems from potential hackers and cyberattacks. They build IT security systems for an organisation to help businesses keep sensitive data such as hospital patient records, trade secrets, and financial records safe.

Average salary a year: $106,000



A security analyst is responsible for the planning and execution of security measurements for the digital security of the company. As its title suggests, they analyse the security policies and protocols and do a thorough audit to determine any weaknesses in the company’s security system.

Average salary a year: $98,350



As a security manager, their task is more managerial than technical as they are organising the expert team to keep systems secure. And in the event of a security breach, the manager heads up a forensic investigation and performs a thorough audit to assess the system’s weaknesses.

Average salary a year: $105,000



A CISO wears many hats. But among their key points which makes a good CISO is their expertise in computer security and business acumen because they oversee all of the security policies and procedures for a company. A CISO needs to be current with the latest trends and technologies in cyber security, including new software, as well as the best knowledge of how cybercriminals are behaving.

Average salary a year: $171,000



Aka ethical hackers. Corporations rely on these specialized professionals to put their security to the test and measure its efficacy against malicious, unethical hackers. In other words, they hack and protect computer systems for good. Their job is to determine that a system is sound and incapable of being compromised by criminals or terrorists.

Average salary a year: $82,000




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