5 VPN Scams To Avoid That People Fall For

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October 25, 2018
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November 8, 2018
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5 VPN Scams To Avoid That People Fall For

Picking a VPN provider can seem like a formidable task; be it whether you are a newbie who is not familiar with the ins and outs of VPN features, or if you are a veteran privacy advocate. How do you know which VPN scams to avoid on the market? And which VPN provider is suitable to your online needs?

Choosing a VPN provider is choosing the best service you feel you are able to trust with all your Internet data. Unfortunately because of this, many unscrupulous parties will take advantage of unknowing users with VPN scams which seem attractive.

Thankfully, for those reading this article, you are already taking the steps to educate yourself for these hoaxes.

This is the list of the top common VPN scams to avoid:



If you read our last post (Why BolehVPN Will Not Offer Lifetime VPN Subscriptions), you will understand why any VPN service who claims to offer ‘lifetime’ VPN subscriptions at dirt-cheap prices are not operating on a sustainable business model at all.

Any realistic VPN provider has expenses to cover; worldwide servers, support staff, bandwidth, a network to maintain etc.

Companies who claim to offer lifetime VPN subscriptions need to be very confident to have a constant number of new subscribers all the time if they were to ensure their company had enough profit to keep it running.

On that note, victims of so-called lifetime VPN subscriptions have found themselves left high and dry when they found out their subscriptions were valid for lifetimes of the company and not of the subscriber.

Some have also reported that “lifetime” really only refer to a set period (5 or 10 years), or that their “lifetime subscriptions” were cancelled and converted to recurring paid subscriptions.



If you still believe that free VPNs are as good as paid for VPN subscriptions, think again!

Why would any business have any reason to give you anything for free if they are not taking anything from you in return?

There are plenty of reasons why a free VPN advertises themselves as such to attract users. While you not only may see limited VPN features from free VPNs, there can be even more dangerous consequences such as free VPNs monitoring your Internet traffic to sell your data, making use of your bandwidth, serving you tons of annoying ads, or even laden with malware to hijack your devices.



VPNs for your mobile; there are plenty to download if you just run a search on your app store. However, do not be fooled by any ol’ VPN out there as they could actually be doing more harm for your Internet privacy than good.

Just take for example this report from a team of researchers after analysing 283 Android VPN apps:

  • 84% leaked users’ traffic.
  • 80% request access to sensitive data like user accounts and text messages.
  • 75% used third party tracking libraries.
  • 38% injected malware or malvertising on devices.
  • 18% did not in fact encrypt traffic at all.

And if you are an Apple user who believes that your heavily vetted Apple Store is safe, well even scam VPN apps could somehow make its way into Apple’s top 10 apps.

Some of these seem like they are free apps at first glance, but one wrong click and you will find yourself unknowingly subscribed to an exorbitantly-priced VPN plan!



MySafeVPN; sounds like a credible enough VPN service which seems like you have heard someone mention before, right?

In fact, MySafeVPN is far from being a safe VPN for you. Interest in VPNs are growing, and so are the number of fake VPNs looking to capitalise on your fears. MySafeVPN’s case is probably just one of many which turn out to be fake VPN services.

If you are looking for a VPN service to subscribe to, go with one which has a goodt reputation and has a track record of reliable performance.



 Many VPNs out there post all kinds of claims to their product, but not all are true. Here are a couple false claims that VPNs on the market would like you to believe:

  • Fastest VPN – How many VPNs have you seen which claimed to be “The World’s Fastest VPN”?
  • 100% Anonymous – There is no possible way to be 100% anonymous online, and any respectable VPN provider will never claim as such just to woo subscribers.
  • No Logs – While some VPNs truly do not keep any logs of your data, there are surprisingly a number of ‘big name’ VPNs claiming to be ‘no logs’ which disclose in the fine print that information is “collected” in their terms.


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