Are Proxies Safe? Why a VPN is Better

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September 25, 2018
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Are Proxies Safe? Why a VPN is Better

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and proxies are quite often mistaken for being the same thing or a substitute for each other, when in fact they are different from one another.

While the one thing VPNs and proxies share in common is that they enable you to appear as though you are connecting to the Internet from another location, both tools will do so in varying degrees for your encryption, privacy and other functions.



If you read our article ‘Proxy VS VPN: What Is The Difference?’, you would have had a basic understanding of what is a proxy and a VPN, and the differences between them.

Source: How To Geek

Source: How To Geek

Both proxies and VPNs act as an intermediary from you to the Internet, but the fundamental difference between the two may be its most crucial one: encryption.



Proxies in general, should only be used if you plan to do basic level Internet activities. Proxies can help if you plan to unblock content, or do other simple tasks such as bypassing simple region-locked filters.

However, a proxy does not do anything for your online security.

Here are other reasons why proxies are not as safe as you believe:

  • No encryption.
  • Proxies only switch your IP address to that of the proxy without anonymising your transmitted Internet traffic.
  • Your true IP can be traced back to you with identifying information.
  • You are still susceptible to anyone (your ISP, government, hacker) snooping your data.
  • Unstable, slow, or goes offline without notice.
  • Free proxies use extensive advertising to fund themselves.
  • Proxies can log your browsing habits when you surf through them, tamper your data, inject viruses, and record usernames and passwords.



Firstly, a VPN service is a company which runs a business. This way, it makes them a known party which can be held accountable for any illegal actions, rather than any ol’ free proxy which is run by simply anyone on the Internet.

Moreover, surfing through a proxy server means going through some random IP address, when with VPN services you would be surfing through the VPN’s own hosted servers.

A trusted VPN provider such as BolehVPN uphold strict no-log policies for their subscribers, where the privacy and anonymity of our customers are of utmost importance to us, as opposed to proxy servers which possibly keep detailed logs of users.


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