Blackberry Torch OS Leaked – Malaysian download link available

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January 27, 2011
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February 3, 2011
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Blackberry Torch OS Leaked – Malaysian download link available

For the benefit of you Malaysian Blackberry Torch users, I have uploaded the Blackberry Torch latest leaked OS. Please note that this version does not have EastAsian language pack.

I have provided a temporary download link for you South East Asian guys who don’t want to go through Hotfile, Megaupload etc. Depending on bandwidth circumstances, I may take this link off at any time.

First Impressions:

OS took a few reboots before it started working well. (I did two reboots)

  1. Browser feels faster. Compared it to a Samsung Galaxy S running Darky ROM 9.1 and it fell only slightly behind when fully loading Engadget (though the Samsung was faster to display content while it was loading).
  2. OS feels much snappier compared to 337 build
  3. Camera has autofocus now and tells you when it has focused
  4. Still some picture lag when zooming into pictures in the Gallery
  5. Holds on to the 3G signal better

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