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January 30, 2008
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Boleh Community Blog Opens


So the Boleh Community finally joins the blog bandwagon!

It seems that the Announcements section isn’t too effective in getting the message across so we’ll be testing using a blog format to post important matters and keep you updated not just on Boleh Development and Status but also on random things we found interesting!

Please note that this blog is NOT for support requests and the appropriate to post regarding this is still here.


Connectivity to international sites remains patchy with some areas having recovered while others still experiencing abysmal speeds.

  1. Jeff Ooi experiencing the slowdown
  2. Lowyat Forumers reporting their experiences

Up till today, there hasn’t been any official response on the matter except that they are experiencing problems (if you call their hotline).

Our suggestion is to keep on reconnecting to your ISP and get a different IP range and test your results via pings to google.

Our FAQs on the matter

  1. What is Good Ping?
  2. How to Determine if your ISP is at fault
  3. Speed Troubleshooting Guide


Our free game servers are available for those resident in Malaysia/Singapore or anyone in the region! Meet us and our users in the evenings and feel free to spread the word:

  1. Call of Duty 4 Game Server:
  2. Team Fortress 2 Server:

We are recruiting Admins for these servers so drop us a line!


We are upgrading our server’s OSes in stages for BolehVPN and as such there would be rolling restarts. You might experience short disconnections not lasting more than half an hour while the servers are being upgraded.

BolehRoute will be moved to a different host with a more flexible setup offering a greater number of ports and if possible a dedicated IP for each user! We currently are able to take 48 BolehRoute users.


  1. Kent says:

    Great decision BolehVPN, i’m pleased to hear that you finally have a blog to post updates anything regarding BolehVPN. It’s much easier for me or even other people to get updates through blogs. Keep up the good work! Cheers!

  2. JakJak says:

    Wohoo .. COD 4 .. will try join tonight ..hehehe … hey keep up the good work as well ..

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