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December 5, 2011
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Boleh MineCraft

I just started playing Minecraft together with a friend and am hooked! For those of you who are late on the Minecraft bandwagon, it’s basically a survival/sandbox game whereby you build stuff to protect you from evil creatures that come out at night, and mine for precious minerals to craft better stuff. It’s pretty hard to explain how amazing Minecraft is till you actually play it and you keep on wondering why the heck it’s so addictive.

Our ugly house

I mean the graphics look like something out of a Doom era yet it’s still amazingly immersive and cute. Heck you can play it out of your browser! Sounds are suitably satisfying with the chuk chuk chuk of mining and the eerie groan of zombies. But the gameplay oh gawd….

I’ll let the video below do the explaining:

I have a vanilla server that I have up and running that I’ll be playing on, but you’re welcome to come and explore (just don’t be an ass and destroy stuff or lead creepers to our beloved house).

The server address is as below (the very greyed out letters at the bottom).

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