BolehVoice – Malaysia Mumble Server Hosting

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BolehVoice – Malaysia Mumble Server Hosting

We now offer Mumble voice servers which are basically Voice-Chat servers that are great for multiplayer online gaming or just talking crap with friends.

Offering the same quality as Ventrilo and best of all it’s non proprietary so we can bring it to you at a cheaper price!

For a Malaysian Mumble Server, we charge RMRM0.80 per slot per month with a minimum commitment of 25 slots.

That translates to:

25 slots = RM20.00/month

50 Slots = RM40.00/month

This is a special promo price and will be subject to change.

Please note that bandwidth in Malaysia is expensive as compared to countries in Europe/US!

All you have to do is give us your desired username and password and a list of people whom you want admin access to and we will give them the necessary ACL privileges. There is no web admin available at this point in time yet.


  1. Joe says:

    i just need 5 slots for arena pvp in WOW. is there any package for this?

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