BolehVPN Configurations Updated 8 January 2012

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December 31, 2011
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January 10, 2012
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BolehVPN Configurations Updated 8 January 2012

We’ve updated our configs. Some server consolidations and removal of non performing servers (which will be replaced in the future). Also added additional TCP443 server in Swiss.

If you are on BolehVPN-GUI, this is an easy process. Just hit the button Update Config and it will do it all automatically.

If you’re not on BolehVPN-GUI or are a Mac/Linux user, head on to our configuration file page and follow the instructions there. Don’t forget to edit the files to use your username!


  1. Randy N says:

    About how long should it take to update these changes? My update page has been running for at least an hour now…it says installing. Should it take this long?

  2. pitboss says:

    It should only take a few seconds or less than a minute.
    Try reinstall the bolehvpn-gui and then click update.

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