October 4, 2017

How To Hack Gmail & Bitcoin Wallets With Just A Name & Phone Number

For years, researchers have warned of the design flaws in Signalling System No. 7, an internationally used telecom protocol to route texts and calls. SS7 is what lets you receive an SMS text, and remains widely used by banks and other services to send out OTP and two-factor authentication (2FA) codes to their […]
March 3, 2017

Myth: “Bitcoin is Anonymous”; Why You Should Use a VPN with Cryptocurrencies

A common misconception of Bitcoins (or most cryptocurrencies for that matter) is that they are anonymous. However, this is not the case.
December 12, 2016

Why You Should Pay For Your VPN in Bitcoin

Most VPN providers will offer customers various forms to pay for their VPN services. While in general most customers are happy paying for a VPN using a credit card or PayPal, the users who value financial anonymity would seek to deal their payments in cryptocurrencies.
November 25, 2014

Black Friday Deals from BolehVPN

BitCoin Black Friday We are happy to provide a 10% discount for all purchases made using BitCoin during the promotional period which is 28th November 2014 – 1st December 2014. Check out BitCoinBlackFriday.com for a whole list of other merchants offering promotions for BitCoin use and spread the love! BestVPN Deal We are also proud to partner […]
July 30, 2014

BolehVPN now hosts a P2Pool for BitCoin

We’re a big supporter of BitCoin, being a decentralized currency with low transaction fees and global reach. We’re also a big supporter of decentralized mining pools, namely P2Pool which means hashing power is not locked into one pool therefore giving the pool operator power over the network or have them approach the dreaded […]