April 7, 2009

CounterStrike Servers down for a day

Counterstrike servers will be down for a day for cleaning up (you guys messed up the configs!). I will be doing a completely fresh install. All mods will be disabled except metamod and amdmodx and I will not entertain requests for other mods as I have verified that many of these mods do […]
March 30, 2009

BolehGame Server Mods to incur a surcharge

Mods for servers need to be requested in the following manner: Requested when ordering the server (and not later on) with all necessary information (such as SteamIDS, settings, etc) Confirmation given by us that we do support the mod Should a mod be requested at a later time halfway through the subscription, we […]
February 26, 2009

BolehGame, BolehPing and Status Page Upgrade

The services mentioned above will be offline for approximately 1 day as we upgrade the server to a dual cpu with another Xeon Quad for a total of 8 cores. We new server is a Dell one which we hope would improve reliability and stability. We have also installed a DRAC to it […]