June 12, 2017

Security Update of OpenVPN

To all our users, between December 2016 and April 2017, OpenVPN 2.4.0 was audited for security vulnerabilities and the primary findings were two remote denial-of-service vulnerabilities. These have been fixed in OpenVPN 2.4.2. We have updated our GUI to the latest OpenVPN 2.4.2 and would like to advise everyone who is using our […]
February 14, 2017

BolehVPN Mac version updated to v2.0.3

We have released BolehVPN Mac Version 2.0.3. Just some minor bug fixes and an update to OpenVPN 2.5. Update to OpenVPN 2.5 Fixed issue on those being unable to login or retrieve update where bolehvpn.net domain is blocked Fixed issue on routing tables not being reset after disconnect. You can download the new […]
June 4, 2013

Bug Fixes in BolehVPN-GUI – Beta Test

If you’re experiencing issues with 2.2.0 you can try out 2.2.1 before we release it officially. BolehVPN GUI BolehVPN Cloak GUI Let us know in the comments on any bugs you find! We have tested it on our end on a variety of systems but then again sometimes certain configurations give different results […]
May 29, 2013

BolehVPN GUI Client Updates

We just released a new version of our client. If you were using the prior version, you should have received a notification about this when you restarted your client, and should be able to update from within the client itself. If not, you can get this latest version from our website, make sure […]
April 19, 2013

New BolehVPN-GUI Released!

New BolehVPN-GUI Released! CHANGELOG Windows BolehVPN GUI 2.1.5 / 2.1.5b (Cloaked) Updated to OpenVPN 2.3.1 base for normal version Prompt for GUI update when new version is released Mac BolehVPN GUI 1.1.0 Fixes bug when internet connection is not restored when exiting before disconnecting Prompt for GUI update when new version is released
March 5, 2013

New BolehVPN GUI Clients Released

We have released our new BolehVPN-GUI Clients! ChangeLog: Added Server Status ping test function Changed Cloak method and removed Cloaked configurations from regular client New independent Cloak Client 2.1.4b which has modifications. Fixed TAP Adapter installation issues Updated non-cloak OpenVPN version to 2.3.0 Remember to uninstall your previous version first! Download links Windows […]
January 2, 2013

Windows BolehVPN 2.1.1 GUI released with Cloaking function

BolehVPN GUI 2.1.1 has been updated with the following changes: New Cloak feature implemented. These options would not be fast but will be able to disguise VPN traffic to be able to look like other types of traffic. Useful for bypassing restrictive countries like China and Iran. Default option for Update is set […]
January 1, 2013

BolehVPN-GUI for Mac Version 1.0.7

Make way for the new BolehVPN-GUI for Mac! This version removes the checkbox for Enable GFW Bypass. In other words, users who wish to utilize our CloakRouted servers can now do so by selecting the configuration and connect directly! You can download the new BolehVPN GUI Version 1.0.7 for Mac here: