August 1, 2019

[Update] Canadian server replaced

Dear Bolehians, Canadian server have been replace and 2 server was added. Please update your configurations to get access to them Regards
July 26, 2019

[Attention] Canadian server to be replaced

Dear Bolehians, The Canadian server is to be replaced as the provider will be ceasing operation. Please update your configurations as we have temporary replace the IP of the FullyRouted -Canada server We are currently looking into other provider for additional Canadian servers. The current configurations that are affected are: FullyRouted-TCP-Canada IPv4-FullyRouted-Canada IPv4-FullyRouted-TCP-Canada […]
January 17, 2013

New Canadian Server

We have a new Canadian server which is available from our GUI by going into Settings and then hitting Update. This should give users in the North American region better connectivity.