May 21, 2014

Should BolehVPN implement blocklists on their servers?

We’ve been considering whether we should implement blocklists on our VPN servers to protect our servers and its users from abuse. The following are being considered: Spamhaus (Spammers) ATMA (attackers, threats, viruses, port scans, explots, DoS, malicious p2p sharers) Anti-Infringement organizations (only for US/UK servers) The concern is that some of these IPs may […]
May 15, 2014

Should BolehVPN accept DogeCoin? Such plan…much idea

We are seriously considering accepting DogeCoin for BolehVPN services though perhaps on a small scale to start with (restricted to 30 day and 60 day packages until we’re a bit more confident and would scale up from there :P). Obviously there’s work that needs to be done if it’s to be fully integrated into […]