November 5, 2017

Tor Browser Flaw is Leaking Real IP Addresses of Users

Mac and Linux users; it is time to update your Tor browsers! While Windows and Tail users are unaffected, Mac and Linux users are urged to install the update to upgrade to Tor Browser 7.0.9 in order to patch a vulnerability leaking real IP addresses of users. Based on a post by The […]
July 26, 2017

Update to the New iOS 10.3.3 Now to Fix This Dangerous Bug

Bugs, bugs, bugs! The new iOS update squashes a really scary one called “Broadpwn”. Here’s what you should know. There exists a vulnerability in the Wifi chip of most Android and iOS devices, whereby this glitch could let a hacker take over your phone entirely (without you doing anything!). Just as long you […]
July 22, 2017

What Exactly Can Your ISP See When You Surf the Web?

Have you ever wondered what your Internet Service Provider (ISP) can see when you are casually browsing on the Internet? Your ISP is technically providing you your Internet service, so every bit of information you are sending and receiving on the Internet, they are handling all of this.
June 25, 2017

Blessed Raya Greetings

To our dear Bolehians, Selamat Hari Raya Eid al-Fitr to all of you! Wishing you a happy & peaceful Eid filled with blessings on you & your families.
July 31, 2016

What Is a VPN & Why Might I Need It?

Have you ever felt unsafe of the amount of sensitive information you were disclosing on the internet without your knowledge? Or how much of your data has been vulnerably exposed enough to create your digital profile on the internet? Have you ever wished to gain more control of your activities on the internet […]