Circuit Faults Blamed for Streamyx Issues (bullshit?)

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February 23, 2009
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February 26, 2009
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Circuit Faults Blamed for Streamyx Issues (bullshit?)

The Star reported the following article:

PETALING JAYA: Streamyx broadband users will have to bear with sluggish surfing speeds until March 5 due to technical problems, according to Telekom Malaysia Bhd (TM).

TM said in a statement that there has been a disruption of TM’s Internet services since Feb 18 due to circuit faults on the Asia Pacific Cable Network 2 (APCN2) between Malaysia and the United States.

Due to this, customers using Internet services may now experience slow browsing while accessing content hosted in the United States, said the statement.

Additionally, customers using Internet Protocol services such as Virtual Private Network (VPN) and other critical business applications linked to the United States may also experience some service degradation.

To alleviate the problem and ease the congestion, some links have been rerouted, TM said.

During restoration process, traffic to North America may experience minor degradation while traffic to other countries would not be affected.

Why this is likely to be bullshit:

apcn2_cable_route_mapThat’s the APCN2 network there. I would think any fault on this would affect ALL ISPS in the region, not just TMNet’s. Somehow I have not been hearing any reports of any slowdowns elsewhere and Singapore seems to be unaffected.

Why does, a local site not load?

Why do pings to TM’s own LOCAL DNS timeout if it’s just the international cable?

Minor degradation????? Only the US? Alleviating and easing the congestion by moving them to already congested routes….

Of course I’m no network expert…but something doesn’t tally here if this was true.


In other news, TM now wants to downgrade my 4 mbit…They have offered to give me a RM72 rebate after my endless calls and something I would be entitled to anyway (since it’s the difference between the 1 mbit and the 4 mbit price). Yes, for those of you who saw my status, I almost did throw that TM Service Centre guard.


  1. Dookiezz says:

    It was like before Reubs…. crappy routing strikes again…

  2. nazrix says:

    Write a letter to the Star and highlight this la. Please

  3. Siau says:

    I suspect they overdo throttling… Now, I m getting about 170KB average speed from flashget with 3 connections. I bet they cap the speed after 8am. Btw, tmnet proxied all their ip addresses, could it be the reason which caused this SLOW DOWN(i.e. proxy servers over load)?

  4. notfair says:

    for my own opinion, this definately TM fault, because even local site got problem >.<“.

  5. anonymous says:

    im in office now and facing no slow connection at all to US websites like facebook n etc.. as compared to what i get from home connection.. craps!!!

  6. WpL says:


    Who knows… maybe TMnut thought they are good enough to overcome the problem in the shortest time…
    But it turns out that they are wrong…
    They need to drag the whole process till 5th of March, which will be a week + from today…
    I need to continue refreshing some pages in order to get some pages to be displayed correctly…

  7. Mac says:


    I discussed the same thing on last night and the whole discussion is now missing from the forum.

    I have been IT manager in a bank and I have had satellite and fiber networks under my responsibility. Last night I mentioned this whole announcement stinks.

    All major cable cuts are announced on the net but I am yet to find a single evidence o a cut or damage to this cable from a source other than TMnet! It is 100% internal TMnet issue (perhaps something between eastern Malaysia and mainland).

    I guess the equipments terminating the cable might have problem and they are waiting for spare parts.

    Last time when I obtained a new Sony laptop and its DVD was not working I visited sony headquarters in KL. They did not have a single spare part available for the Laptop they sell in entire Malaysia!! and they forced me to wait for 3 days until the spare part arrive from Singapore!

    Now imagine if one of those Cisco modules (for example) fails you think they have spare parts for it? No, they order the part and wait for it to arrive!!! and then because no one in Malaysia has learned to criticize and they can continue this way.

    Moreover they receive compensation for link down times and never provide compensation to their customers.!

  8. ningbob says:

    TMnut just full of bullshit.

  9. Allen says:

    that’s our ISP, the one and only we have. they monopoly our internet service, surely they can say anything and more excuse. why not we make a memorandum to prime minister and say that our ISP is the vampire, provide poor service but make more money from it’s customers.
    How many people have they complain on this matter but no action strictly taken.
    Dalam suratkhabar kita cakap sudah maju tapi hakikinya kita ketinggalan jauh. Jepun yang kena bom 60 tahun yang lepas boleh maju dalam sekelip mata sedangkan kita yang tak kena bom pula masih hidup dalam primitif.
    Janganlah Kita tertipu lagi dengan alasan2 yang di berikan melainkan bencana alam melanda.

  10. odeno says:

    I share your sentiments bro…. this crap statement utter by the TMNet is not just trying to cover up their inferior to resolve the problem but prove that they offer could only offer narrow band at high price !!!

  11. StreamyxSux says:

    My PC is on bolehVPN with really crappy download speeds (not more than 20k when it was hovering around 200k before this “mishap”). Strangely… my PS3 is downloading game demos and videos (from US and Europe) at the “normal” speeds. I’ve noticed the web browsing on my PC is also “not too bad” when compared to P2P (despite being on bolehVPN). Something fishy going on….

  12. Silencers says:

    “that’s our ISP, the one and only we have.”

    Well, that’s not entirely true, though the fact that they are the ones monopolizing the business is definitely correct. There are at least 6 different ISPs, though many of them don’t really cover areas outside the prime areas of Klang Valley.

  13. Naoko says:

    Not quite right, Silencers. I know that P1 is already expanding outside of the Klang Valley (HELLO PENANG) so they are one ISP to keep an eye on.

  14. adam7979 says:

    seems that the service has been restored 😮 my download speed went from 20KB to 140KB again ……

  15. Reuben says:

    Looks like there really is an APCN2 problem (also mentioned in TM’s own internal bbs) but no idea why it would affect their local site and hit them so hard as compared to other regional providers.

  16. Andy says:

    I guess writing to TheStar won’t help. You know the reason.
    What to do? As long as our G is still there, then these monopoly companies won’t change their attitude too.
    Let’s hope other wireless and Wimax competitors are up to standard.

  17. bluedream says:

    any news regarding the repairs?

  18. Andy says:

    Today already March 7th. Still slow like hell. Looks like TMnut is like PakLah – flip-flop.

  19. Twizted says:

    10th March……still messed up connection…
    all the VPN bandwith going to waste since I can use it to download..

  20. dragonball says:

    darn it. can’t even dl from rapidshare. tmnet sux hell….man.

  21. jamie says:

    It’s been over a month, it’s still not fixed! I couldn’t load facebook apps… looks like I need to get a real life! lol

  22. bs says:


  23. Eddie says:

    Welcome to Malaysia. GLC’s are always like that. What are you going to do? Change a new government? I don’t think so.

  24. different_eddie says:

    End of April, problem still here …

    Doing extended ping test to and some local website also have timeouts.

    Btw, what happened to the MSC anyways and the K economy? Wat is happening to our country, and BN says ppl don’t appreciate them 🙂 … don’t they know the have the power to influence infrastructure issues like this, do we ever hear any politician wanting to champion this issue … HAHA NO!!

  25. zzzzzzzzz says:

    no rakyat no kerajaan dude.
    that mean the law from rakyat not from kerajaan.

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