Customer Advisory against I-Gadgets/Asia Mobile @ Lowyat

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June 20, 2011
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Customer Advisory against I-Gadgets/Asia Mobile @ Lowyat

If any of you buy stuff from Lowyat, you may wish to steer clear of the above shop located on 1st Floor @ Lowyat Plaza. They also go by the name of Asia Mobile. Also don’t buy any phones whereby they are the warranty provider.

I had sent my Atrix for a warranty return less than a month into use because of several touchscreen problems. The slight delay in returning it was due to me making sure it wasn’t a software problem. It’s been more than 2 months since they have received my phone from me and despite numerous promises that the matter is resolved and that they have shipped out, to date, I still have not received this item.

Note that I bought this in 14 March 2011 at RM2,600.00 and now the market price has dropped severely to about RM1800.00 or less while waiting for this phone to arrive back.

Full details in this trade dispute forum.


  1. prasad says:

    Just got back from Midvalley, saw the S2 opening. The phone is not bad.
    Are u planing to get it. Me and my friends are planing to buy in bulk to get better discount rates.

  2. smidha says:

    are they really that bad?

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