Encrypting your DNS Lookups via DNSCrypt

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Encrypting your DNS Lookups via DNSCrypt

dnscryptA great way to improve your privacy is via DNSCrypt which was developed by OpenDNS to turn regular DNS traffic into encrypted DNS traffic that is secure from eavesdropping and man-in-the-middle attacks.

We highly recommend this to those who are serious about privacy and we did consider adding this to our own client but decided against it for the moment lest it add unnecessary complexity for the average user since sometimes DNSCrypt servers go down and it requires some trial and error to see which DNS servers work best for you.

Note that the program does trigger some Antivirus warnings due to it being unrecognised and called a proxy but it is safe.

The best way to use it with Windows is to get DNSCrypt WinClient which adds an easy to use graphical interface. All you have to do is

  1. Download DNSCrypt from here.
  2. Extract the DNSCrypt zip and them download DNSCrypt WinClient and place the exe in the “bin” folder of the previously extracted DNSCrypt.
  3. Run dnscrypt-winclient.exe. Pick a close DNS server to connect to and select the network adapters you want to apply it to.
  4. Then either “install as a service” or “start”. Doing it a service locks it in permanently and secures your computer everytime it boots up while start is just a one-off way.

For other OS, please refer to DNSCrypt website for further details.


  1. Indingo says:

    I thought DNSCrypt uses OpenDNS servers which log? You yourself at BolehVPN said that very same thing is why you avoid them. You know DNSCrypt only encrypts to the server, and then the OpenDNS server can keep logs right? I would rather my DNS be unencrypted to a non-logging server then encrypted over my already encrypted VPN service to a server that keeps logs…?

  2. Peter says:

    You can select other servers as well. There are servers like cloudns, which don’t log.

  3. Indingo says:

    Ahhh okay Peter, I did not know this.

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