Exclusive IPTorrents Free Invite and Discounted Freeleech for long term BolehVPN subscribers

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March 29, 2017
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Exclusive IPTorrents Free Invite and Discounted Freeleech for long term BolehVPN subscribers

IPTorrents is one of the web’s best private tracker websites and we have worked out an exclusive offer for our long-term BolehVPN users.

At the time of writing they have over 680,000 active torrents!

Usually to even get in, you would need to pay them 20 USD as an entry fee to get an invite. If you want freeleech status  you would need to pay an additional 25USD/month or 40 USD for two months.

However if you’re a BolehVPN customer that is on a 180 day package or longer, you can get the following exclusive offers:

  • Free invite to IPTorrents upon request
  • Option to get discounted Freeleech status. 6 months @ 55 USD or 12 months @ 80 USD

To redeem this offer, please follow the instructions below. Make sure you are on our 180 day package or above!

  1. Open up a support ticket and inform us your BolehVPN username and we will send you an invite to your e-mail address. As long as you are on a 180 day package and above, you will be eligible.
  2. Once you have signed up with the IPTorrents invite, if you further want to get the discounted Freeleech, open another support ticket with your IPTorrents username.
  3. We will add you to our special list which will now reflect the new freeleech options. Once we have added you, we will inform you and you can then click on the Donate button which will show the following options now:
  4. You can get your freeleech status now at the discounted rates! Upon donating, the offer will disappear until you next renew with us and let us know again.

Please note that all these monies paid to IPTorrents will go direct to them. We do not receive any money from offering these options. We are also otherwise not affiliated with IPTorrents so if you have any issues with their site, please raise it with them.

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