Exclusive Protonmail secure e-mail accounts for BolehVPN users

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May 4, 2015
Exclusive ProtonMail “NSA-Proof” E-mail Invites for long term users
May 21, 2015
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Exclusive Protonmail secure e-mail accounts for BolehVPN users

We are proud to announce that we’ve worked out a great offer with Protonmail. You asked us for a secure e-mail solution, we are happy to oblige!


Protonmail is unlike your regular secure mail provider in that it has the following privacy protections

  • No IP logs
  • ProtonMail works by encrypting messages in the user’s browser before it ever reaches its servers – meaning that the company never has access to the password and can never read emails. Even if Protonmail is asked to do so, it cannot decrypt it as they do not have the keys to do so.
  • Hosted in a Swiss datacenter located within a granite mountain

These features will give you peace of mind that your e-mail provider will not hand over your private e-mails under duress and is the closest thing most people will get to having a surveillance proof e-mail service.

Normally, if you click to Sign-Up to Protonmail, you will be presented with a screen informing you that you have to wait and they will send you an invite. This wait can be pretty long! My request since 25 April 2015 still has not yielded an account.


However with the deal we’ve worked out, we are able to offer private invites to Protonmail subject to the following terms:

Eligible Users

  • Existing users with not less than 180 unexpired days in their account
  • New 365 days customers
  • We may consider expanding this invite list further depending on availability and response

Terms and Conditions

  • Invite is to the free version of Protonmail (which you can’t get now even if you wanted to). If and when Protonmail launches its commercial/paid version, you will not be automatically upgraded to it.
  • Subject to availability (though we are confident that we have enough barring unforeseen circumstances)
  • This is purely a free gift and we reserve the right to withdraw this deal at any time or to amend the eligibility requirements.

Further details on getting an account will be announced over the coming days so hang in tight!


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    Oh yes! Please add my name to you invitation list.

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