How To Stop Retargeting Ads (A Simple Guide)

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September 11, 2018
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How To Stop Retargeting Ads (A Simple Guide)

As long as you own a smartphone or a laptop or any device connected to the Internet, you cannot escape online ads. In fact, you may notice that the same ads you were looking at for an AirBnB for your trip, or even the shiny lightsaber you wanted to treat yourself with, will follow you across different platforms.

What gives?

Essentially, you have been just another victim in the bigger scheme of large corporations’ retargeted ads.

Want to stop retargeting ads? Read on the BolehVPN simple guide for the best ways to stop retargeting.



Source: Tom Fishburne

To dial it back just a little, what is retargeting anyway?

Retargeting is a form of online advertising where the ads are tailored to consumers based on their previous online browsing actions.

Take Google for example. The largest and most well-known search engine to us all. Google’s business model capitalises on collecting data on users’ online browsing habits, analysing them, and serving tailored ads to their users or selling the data to third party companies for their ads.

So say you have bought a pair of shoes from one website. Advertisers and trackers would most likely do all they can to make sure you also buy a pair of socks along with it.

Websites will retarget you when you have shown an interest or certain level of engagement while visiting the site and interacting with their products or services. (Maybe you did not even purchase anything, but merely browsed and clicked through a couple products!)



  • Make it a practice to habitually clear your web browser’s cache of stored cookies. If you turn it into a habit every time after you browse, this would come naturally to you soon! Here is Google’s guide to clearing cookies.
  • You can have the option to not only clear your cookies, but to also to manage them. This Google guide teaches you how to also delete only specific cookies, or change your cookie settings to block cookies for your web browser.
  • Even with these tips, trackers and retargeted ads may still find their way to haunt you. So by far the best method to combat retargeting ads is by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). With VPN encryption, it will help protect your browsing sessions and increase privacy and security, as well as anonymising yourself and prevent pesky ads from chasing after you.


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