How To Turn Off iPhone’s List of Every Single Place You Visit

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How To Turn Off iPhone’s List of Every Single Place You Visit

There is a little known feature on your iPhone that you may not know of yet. It is called “Significant Locations” and to many, it may be just a tad too creepy for your liking.

It is a feature which is buried deep in your iPhone with the purpose of keeping a record on the places you frequently visit. Apple claims that this data is encrypted and stored only on your phone with the purpose of giving location-based suggestions, and not collected by Apple.



I had just gotten around to using my new iPhone around the 1 March and had the Significant Location switched on for only a couple of days. Somehow though, it had already collected enough data on my work office location, my home, and when I made a short trip over the weekend.

Work location: Don’t need punch card attendance when your iPhone knows your schedule.

“Honey, I’m home!”

“You can take a trip, but not a trip away from us!”- Your iPhone most probably.


All in all it had only been around five days I had my iPhone’s Significant Locations turned on since getting the brand new phone, so by the feature appears to be switched on by default. In that time, it had already managed to work out how long I stay in office, how long I took for lunch breaks, and basically any time I was on the move, right down to the minute.



For some of you, it might be a fun feature to see all the locations and activities you have been up to. For others who feel slightly invaded and terrified by this revelation, no worries. Thankfully, although the feature is hidden rather deep into your settings, it only takes a few simple steps to switch it off.

Here is how to find it on your iPhone:

1) Go to Settings.

2) Scroll to the Privacy section.

3) Tap on Location Services.

4) Scroll all the way to the bottom and click System Services.

5) Here you will find Significant Locations which you can toggle off. You also have the option to Clear History.


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