How To Use a VPN to Watch the Rio Olympics Live

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August 2, 2016
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August 14, 2016
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How To Use a VPN to Watch the Rio Olympics Live


The 2016 Rio Olympics are upon us! Formally running from the 5th of August until the 21st of August in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, this international sporting competition is geared up to be a spectacle of thrilling games and events. With more than 11,000 athletes from 207 nations participating in almost 40 different sports, there is so much to catch up with! That is why BolehVPN wants to ensure that you will not miss any moment of history being made during this 2016 Summer Olympics when the whole world is tuned in to the screen the event.


Using a VPN to live stream the Olympics

Hey Olympic lovers, we know you wouldn’t want to miss the fun of the Olympics since this opportunity comes only once every four years. So here’s why BolehVPN wants to help you with that!

  • Our VPN service will allow you to hide your true location and switch to connect to any broadcast location of your choice. So go ahead and pick your favourite streaming broadcast!
  • Coverage of the games are usually tailored to which region you are in, which means when you are travelling abroad, the content you are trying to access may be blocked or unavailable in your language of choice. With BolehVPN, you can be sure to watch the broadcast of the games with unfiltered access in your preferred native language or home country’s broadcast.
  • Connect to our BolehVPN speed optimized servers to stream videos with the fastest speed when you bypass throttling or congested networks.
  • Use our VPN service across all your devices; be it your desktops, notebooks, mobiles or tablets, BolehVPN has got you covered.


Where to watch the 2016 Rio Olympics live online


You can also stream selected events through the official 2016 Rio Olympics YouTube channel, or check out the more comprehensive broadcast list options for other countries.

Want to know when your favourite sport is on? Check out the schedule for all the sporting events here.

Happy streaming!

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