How To Watch Netflix When You’re Overseas

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April 24, 2018
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How To Watch Netflix When You’re Overseas

The best way to watch Netflix when you are abroad.

Picture this: you are away on a work trip or on a college exchange program. You just had a long day of meetings or classes which used up pretty much all the brain power you had left for the day. After a hot shower, all you want to do is curl up into a ball and watch your favourite TV show on Netflix.

But wait! It does not seem to be in your Netflix library as it usually is when you are back home. What happened?

That is because in different geolocations, Netflix will in fact provide its subscribers different variations of content. So say if you were an American Netflix subscriber, if you travelled to Malaysia, you would find that your Netflix library would now significantly be much more limited. No matter where your account was based when you signed up, you would still face this same problem.

In fact, as long as you are in any country outside of the USA, you can be sure that any country you are in would have a subpar Netflix library to its USA counterpart.

Of course one simple solution to this would be to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

While you may have heard that Netflix actively searches for VPN servers and blocks its users from using popular IP addresses of VPNs with their “highly sophisticated VPN detection systems”, there is still a way to bypass the VPN block.

That is; by choosing the right VPN.

Now, no VPN is perfect. Netflix has tight control over VPNs, and are often working towards detecting and blocking these proxy servers. However, with a solid, proven VPN that has a good track record, whenever Netflix blocks one workaround, your trustable VPN service will typically hustle to come up with another.

With BolehVPN, not only do you have the added benefit of better privacy when you serve the Internet on an encrypted connection, but BolehVPN subscribers also get to enjoy server locations from 12 different countries and 82 different servers.

With our BolehFlix-USA-Only server dedicated for our subscribers to enjoy unlocking Netflix USA content, our services also allow you to bypass geo-blocked sites to access USA-only PlayStation, Steam, iTunes, Google Play and others.

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No bandwidth limits, no logging of user activities, coupled with a VPN infrastructure using Perfect Forward Secrecy and employing the latest hashing algorithm of SHA-2, and 256 bit AES military grade encryption, BolehVPN provides support across Windows, MacOS, Android, and Linux.

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