Internet of Things : Are you ready for IoT?

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January 2, 2017
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Internet of Things : Are you ready for IoT?

Do you have IoT?

Everyone has heard about Internet of Things (IoT) right about now. If you haven’t then it’s time to start using your search engines and start typing ‘iot’ or we can just plainly say, ‘IoT are devices that is capable of connecting to the internet and does not belong in the category of smartphones, tablets, networking equipment, notebook or desktop computers’.

IoT can be your smart televisions, smart toasters, door locks, refrigerators, air-conditioning, CCTV, heaters, solar heaters, gates and whatever else that is connectable to the internet.


At the last estimated counts, there are about 30 billions IoT bought by consumers and growing at a rate of 5-6 bil annually over the next few years.

In other words, there are 30 billions devices that can be accessed from and to the Internet anytime and anywhere. For BolehVPN security team, the sheer numbers of IoT open up a lot of security and privacy concerns that consumers must be aware of.

Questions questions and more questions

How often do you ask ‘how secure is this thing? or is my privacy protected?’ when you bought them or the salesman tells you, ‘ma’am, this is the security features…’

Are you ready for IoT? If the answers is ‘YES’ then here are the top 10 questions that you need to ask yourself before getting IoT to automate your home lifestyle.

  1. Does IoT helps me?
  2. Is there a risk if any of my IoT is taken over by unauthorized access?
  3. How secure is my IoT from unauthorized access?
  4. How is my IoT authentication being done?
  5. Is my home network and WiFi has a proper security in place?
  6. How much do I know about security?
  7. What kind of data is being sent to the IoT manufacturers without my knowledge and is it sent securely?
  8. Is public WiFI or Internet hotspot provides enough security for me to access my house IoT?
  9. Should I be concerned that my public IP Address is available to anyone when my IoT is active, and knowingly that my IP Address can be traced to its exact location?
  10. In Oct 2016, millions of IoT were compromised and used to attack a service website that causes meltdown in major websites including Twitter, Amazon, Tumblr, Reddit, Spotify and Netflix, is my IoT safe from this?

Some of the answers may require input or feedback from the manufacturers. Do your research and a good brand names does not meant they are not vulnerable. Did you know that more than 47 new vulnerabilities were discovered during the recent DEFCON24 2016 in Las Vegas from 21 brand name manufacturers? Including doors that can be opened remotely or plain text password were used to authenticate the so-called secure login?


Can a VPN helps you in answering or mitigate your security and privacy concerns against the all-seeing eyes of internet hackers and govt agencies? What can BolehVPN do in IoT infrastructure? BolehVPN can help in many ways to reduce the risks of exposing your IoT unnecessarily. We can give you anonymity whenever your IoT connects to the internet. We can encrypt all your IoT WiFi connections and create a personal tunnel from your router to the internet. Those are just a few things that we can provide.

Drop us an email or send us your feedback if you need our advise on your IoT infrastructure readiness or to evaluate your existing readiness.

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