Interruption in International Connectivity

Service is back to normal
February 10, 2008
UK Based Servers Including BolehBox short 30 minute downtime
February 13, 2008
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Interruption in International Connectivity

There appears to be a problem on the international route which has been confirmed on Streamyx users.

There has been no announcement from TM, and we are still unsure what has caused this slowdown that has affected users nationwide.

You may view the incoming reports here. Last check there were 3-4 pages of it.

Please kindly refrain from

  1. Asking me about it (please refer to your ISP provider)
  2. Opening support tickets about ‘slow speeds’
  3. Asking for ‘refunds’ for something that is your ISP’s fault
  4. Expecting to me participate in a lengthy debate as to how crappy your ISP is

Tips in coping with International Link Downtime

  1. Make a list of what you need to do to make up for the lost time of internet connectivity
  2. Sleep. It does wonders. It makes you young, alert and have a higher libido. And it’s free!
  3. Develop a mantra to repeat to calm your inner soul. For example, ‘Tunak tunak tun’, ‘Girly Man’ and ‘Nipple, nipple’ are all scientifically proven to promote inner well being.
  4. Vent your frustration through a creative outlet like song, dance of poetry. Feel free to post them here.
  5. Give me tons of money so I can start my own ISP.


Service seems to be recovering. All keys requested today have been issued. I had delayed key renewals due to the international downtime :D.


  1. A_Shoe_In_A_Can says:


  2. freeman says:

    i liked no 5

  3. Reuben says:

    Then Gimme!

  4. freeman says:

    then you have to wait until i’ll become billionaire first xD

  5. A_Shoe_In_A_Can says:

    Let’s rob the bank in the US!

  6. A_Shoe_In_A_Can says:

    I wish i had midas hand like that guy in Heroes series…. <_<

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