Mistaken Change of Password of IPT Account
February 13, 2009
New Canadian Server & Clarification for IPTorrents
February 15, 2009
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IPT Access Restored

IPT access has been restored.

How to get it is go here

Password to access it is inside your initial subscription e-mail. You also have to have applied for support access and have it approved if you haven’t done so already (shame on you!)

You may also have to clear your cookies or reset your browser completely if it keeps returning you to the login page.


  1. Notoriez says:

    Still can’t access 🙁

  2. charak says:

    me neither, if the pw is still the same (that one in the first email) something is definitely wrong

  3. charak says:

    still can’t access

  4. odeno says:

    Yup…me too. still could not access with new password although has clear all cache

  5. rina cat says:

    ipt PENIPU guys!! xnampak lagi ker????!!!

  6. zafirul says:

    aku ade dpt offer dari ipt access ni.. korg ade pape nsht x? benda ni tipu ke betul?

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