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February 17, 2009
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February 18, 2009
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IPTorrents Account Disabled

Until further notice due to some ppl trying to CHEAT IN RATIO ON A FREELEECH ACCOUNT….(god knows why) by using fake torrent clients….(WHY WHY WHY)

the IPTorrents account has been disabled until further notice.

I have tried talking with the Admin but he’s not happy and I don’t think that’s much I can do regarding this. Thanks for spoiling it for everyone.


  1. K says:

    Yeah why!!? Now where do i go to get my daily dose of torrents.. 🙁

  2. jeffw says:

    Complete idiot…. Now everybody suffers.

  3. ibex7 says:

    Aren’t the people who did this realised that the IPTorrents already stated the banned BT clients? Why they are so dumb enough thus resulting this apocalypse situation? I’m sure these people didn’t went to school hence they can’t read n understand instructions. All of them are disgrace to the BolehVPN subscriber causing smear on our good name. Reuben, I strongly suggest that these people should be banned from subscribing BolehVPN ever again. You may lose few dumb customers but there will be thousands if not hundreds new customer who would obey explicit instructions. To all the people who were not responsible, pleae mark my word: GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!

  4. housedetective says:

    furthermore, once they done Fucking themselves .. i like to propose a public hanging…follow by some more fucking of their dead bodies (non-halal, sorry) and finally trow their freshly mutilated bodies into the fire.

    Thanks guys, next time ask before you think!

  5. kiddc says:

    wtf weiii. another case?


  6. edan1979 says:

    bloody bastard…. you’ve done it again… its a freeleech… wtf did you need to use a such lame shit like cheat ratio…. you cant understand a word “FREE” is it….

  7. BlackTriX says:

    Thank you very much asshole. You ruined possibly the best Torrent Site in the world. I hope your left testicle has cancer while your right one has a stench that can’t be washed off.

  8. Hobo says:


  9. Exarkun says:


  10. karisabas says:

    typical. always an idiot around but you don’t need one

  11. ZackleR says:

    I need my porn………… does tat guy hate porn that much??………. :whines:

  12. Nick says:

    This is such a simple thing to understand, yet people can’t follow. It’s a good free thing we’ve provided, a very special thing. Sad it has come to this.

  13. dwk2112 says:

    THIS IS DAMNNN STUPIDDD…..WTF is this guy…..

    Should we have some limitation on who get to use ip torrent. I dun know…maybe some rules….those who sign up for 3 months VPN? Or those who is a member for min 1 year. Some rules to keep all this idiot away!!!!

  14. bask3t says:

    stupidity overwhelming…….that’s what he is…..cock sucking bastard of a prick……….

  15. raist86 says:

    bloody idiots. Now have to get torrent from public sites already… ish.

  16. karisabas says:

    maybe there should be a compulsory Q & A for each member when they sign up…like for example ” can you use banned clients on IP torrents, if your answer is yes, then go fuck yourself”

  17. fmlim says:

    irregardlesss of the information posted on IPT on which clients to use and which has been ban… ppl that use fake torrent u are dumb asss…. thats all i can say… you first day use torrent ah? why wan to cheat? whats the point …. do you see your self gain such satisfaction by doing such acts that humiliate our community by your act… all i can say is _|_ _|_ to you ppl that use the fake torrent clients ~ damn nooblets.. ~!

  18. neo says:

    so let me get this straight.
    the reason our iptorrents account is disabled is because someone used a banned/fake client to CHEAT IN RATIO ON A FREELEECH ACCOUNT?
    now that is a new ‘low’
    hate to point fingers, but can we identify who that person is?

  19. jonz says:

    geez WTF!!! free leech – HELLO!!!!

  20. odeno says:

    darn….we lost one of the good tracker server.. shit…… this is a sad moment…

  21. irwanabraham says:

    Huhuhu. No wonder my DL for Heroes suddenly became so slow. FREELEACH man who the hell doesnt understand that.

  22. fan_cheong says:

    Damn…Thanks a lot ASSHOLES!!!

  23. zhiyung says:

    Holy cow… unbelievable… i think if there’s any good stuff in the future, the admin must screen thru applicants, make sure only users with usable brain can enjoy it… more works for the admins, but can minimize incidents such as this.

  24. leman says:

    Its been three days……Admin! is there any chance that IPTorent will be back for us?…..Arghhhh….i feel like wanna pee on the BASTARD face.

  25. ired says:

    cant we bar and ban the culprit/s???

  26. grimthereaper86 says:

    damn,I dunno wht n where to dl without ipt,

  27. Kalinka13 says:

    Hmm, I wonder if there is someone here to help me understand this cheating?

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