Is It Legal To Use a VPN With Netflix?

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June 14, 2018
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Is It Legal To Use a VPN With Netflix?


A lot of you might be curious as to how to access the wider range of Netflix US library content if you are living in any country outside of America. Frankly, this is actually a very common question as the Netflix US library has easily the widest selection of movie and TV shows content.

Due to the issue of content licensing and deals, if you are in any country outside the US such as Australia, Malaysia, Canada, UK or others, you are going to get a restricted content library.

One common way that many users take advantage of to get around these Netflix geo-restrictions is by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Essentially what it does is it changes your IP address and encrypts your Internet traffic so you can get access to Netflix.

However, another common question that you may be wondering is the somewhat grey area in regards to the legality of VPNs and Netflix.

“Is it legal to use Netflix/streaming services with a VPN?”

In short, yes. Unless you are living in a country like China, Russia or Iran which makes it illegal to use a VPN service, it is technically not a crime to use Netflix with a VPN if you are paying for your Netflix subscription, as it is not like you are downloading the content illegally.

(Source: Netflix Terms of Use)

Nevertheless, while you are not doing anything illegal, what you may be concerned with is that you may be somewhat violating the Netflix or your streaming service’s Terms of Use agreement, which is more of a civil matter, not a criminal one. In the legality aspect, it is still legal to use a VPN to watch Netflix outside the US, but doing so could potentially breaching your streaming provider’s terms and they may hold the right to terminate your account.

If you are looking to subscribe to a VPN to unlock Netflix US content, it is best to check whether the VPN service can work with Netflix to bypass their block.

BolehVPN has a specially dedicated server mainly to access Netflix, but not all VPNs will actually work with Netflix as it blocks most of the VPNs in the hopes of preventing users accessing content that should not be available. As Netflix works aggressively to block VPNs, only a handful of VPNs are actually able to unblock the restriction. So if you want to, be sure to get yourself a provider that does work with your streaming service.


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