It’s Time to Pay Attention to Apps

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April 16, 2012
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It’s Time to Pay Attention to Apps

Mobile devices now cover over 8.5% of all internet traffic, and although we love having the internet on the run, we seem to have forgotten how to use the internet safely. Everyone uses some sort of security on their laptop: virus protection, VPN, spyware protection, ad blockers, ad list blockers, etc. But is seems that there has not been nearly as much attention paid to mobile security.

In a previous post, we talked about how mobile devices are causing serious data security issues for companies. Let’s talk about how these same devices are killing your privacy. That’s right, we’re talking about apps.

Just recently, a RockYou Inc. agreed to pay $250,000 in settlements after being accused of taking personal information from children. The scariest part of this is that this is just one of many cases. It seems that many companies have no scruples when it comes to taking personal and private information from their users.

This is just a single area where apps are butting in and learning information you might not want them to know, such as your religion, where you shop, and many other personal preferences. What we need is a little more questioning, and a little more stubbornness on the users end. If the app does not disclose its entire data usage, don’t use it. A simple move like this, done by enough people, will solve the problem quickly and efficiently.

This is not all to say that no one is noticing this increase in app privacy breaches, they are, it’s just that users don’t seem to grasp the idea. For some reason, people continue to skip the little notification that says the app will access personal information, assume the app has good intentions, and blindly click “allow.”

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