Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission Complaint

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March 18, 2009
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March 23, 2009
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Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission Complaint

I have now submitted a MCMC complaint via their online complaint centre.

Apparently this does get their attention. I’m crossing my fingers to hope for a speedy resolution.

I suggest others who are facing connectivity issues to international websites, do the same to put pressure on TM.


  1. housedetective says:

    oh Reuben dear, sometimes i think you are new to this… complaint to MCMC? LOL

    i had complain to them face-to-face, made the mistake of driving to their offices and meet the HOD.. no use.

    In a recent MOI (Ministry of Information) conference here, on the final Q&A someone stood up and say: Sirs (he was being polite, and containing his frustration), i had being part of this industry for 30 years… and today, i learn nothing!, furthermore, most of the information given was outdated and without any valid reference… did you guys made the data up?

    he did not got a prize, or for that mather, did MOI/MDEC/MCMC noted his comment.. it was a given that if you expect the best, you shouldn’t have come.

    So so so sad i was, that to show support, i took the guy out for a smoke to discuss the issue. Solution? dismantle MOI and put capable ppl in-charge (LOL), sure sure i say… dreaming, thanks good, is not treason!

    Peace and love, and good luck!

    PS, i still think that you should start Bolehtelecom 🙂

  2. Rider Ankabut says:

    Thanks for the link Reuben. I’ll join you.

  3. Fallen says:

    Submitted my complaint. Remember that doing nothing but griping about it will do no good to neither you nor to other people with the problem. File the complaint, it only takes 10 minutes.

    Strongly urging everyone else to take pro-active measures (even if how insignificant it may seem) instead of just sitting back.

    • Reuben says:

      Some guys are coming over tomorrow morning to see if they can reroute my connection since my MCMC complaint. Will keep you guys posted.

  4. Bryan Eng says:

    Well, I made a complaint…
    Things are good now…
    And they uncapped my surfing speed…

  5. Bryan says:

    Wow I can’t even get to the website to make a complaint, how damning is that?

  6. Dookiezz says:

    Address Not Found could not be found. Please check the name and try again.


  7. Frank says:

    The address works, I just made a complaint there. I told them the problem started the same time I first subscribed to Streamyx and as remedy, I expect a full refund for the entire period I have been subscribing to Streamyx and also for TM to stop billing me until they can commit what they sell.

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