Myth: “Hackers Only Target High-Profile VIPs & Huge Companies”

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November 9, 2019
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Myth: “Hackers Only Target High-Profile VIPs & Huge Companies”

There are plenty of tips and advice floating about the Internet on digital privacy and security. While some of these are well-intended to help, there are also plenty of widely-believed misconceptions that netizens continue to believe.

A common mistaken belief among many is that hackers will only target the rich and wealthy. Similarly, many individuals may also believe that they would not be a target of hackers as hackers are only interested in attacking huge companies.



While it is true that companies, the military or government make the most attractive propositions for hackers, the easiest way into a secure network would actually be to target the people using it.

Individuals or employees in a company make the perfect target because it can be the mid-level employees who hold sensitive trade secret files.

Through the weak link from the sheer size of information exit points (aka. employees), compromised sensitive information can be used to blackmail the company or sold to the company’s competitors.

Hackers might even use third-party credentials as a way to gain access to a company’s major partners.



The wide-spread Internet has made it so much easier, faster, and convenient for hackers to  gain the access they need. With more people having a bigger online presence through social media, it is now easier than ever to target individuals of an organisation.

Anyone can be a target, and it would be silly to assume that a hacker would not turn down an opportunity to hit as many victims as possible.

Hackers are able to manipulate an employee’s social media account with intention to harm their organisation. Alternatively hackers can control a person’s account to sell fake likes or give fake accounts a collection of friends to make them seem real.


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