Myth: “Private Browsing (Incognito) is Enough for My Privacy”

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Myth: “Private Browsing (Incognito) is Enough for My Privacy”

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Private Window, InPrivate Browsing, Incognito mode, “porn mode”; call it what you may, but have you ever wondered how safe it really is to browse in these ‘privacy modes’?

Some people may believe that browsing Incognito acts as a privacy shield which defends your Internet anonymity. Well here is a public service announcement: Browsing Incognito is not as private as you think.

Typically, surfing in Incognito browsing mode helps with your:

  • Browsing History: Your browser’s history of pages you visited are not recorded.
  • Searches: Text entered into search bars or forms would not be saved in autofill fields.
  • Passwords: Passwords will not be saved.
  • Cookies: Cookies, the files stored on a user’s PC to track your movements on a site would not be stored.
  • Temporary Files: Cached web content that websites save for offline use will be not saved.

However, that is pretty much all private browsing can help with. In fact, it still leaves many doors open for you to be traceable on the Internet. It may even breed complacency in netizen’s Internet security attempts when they surf under the impression of false security.



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Once you are in Incognito mode, the browsers themselves would often reiterate that your online activity is not completely private from prying eyes.

Here are some things that private browsing does not actually do:

  • It does not anonymise your browsing session.
  • It does not stop download files and bookmarks from being kept.
  • It does not block network monitoring from ISPs, governments and hackers.
  • It does not prevent servers and routers from logging your activities while you are on a page.
  • It does not hide your IP address. If you are downloading movies or music, your searches can still be tracked.
  • It does not stop your employer’s ability to record your traffic on a work computer via key-logging software.


Google Chrome/Safari:


Firefox/Internet Explorer:



Private browsers are not a bulletproof vest to secure your Internet privacy. If you are truly looking to take care of your online activities from the ever-prying eyes on the Internet, there are more private ways to be anonymous through using a VPN such as our BolehVPN services, anonymizing proxies, or TOR.

These services will help in securing your surfing, hiding your IP address and ensuring a more anonymous browsing experience that privacy browsers fall short on.

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