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January 6, 2009
US server brought back (with a twist)
January 9, 2009
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New BolehVPN CM, Nick

I wish to say hi to everyone here that forms this great, and supportive community. I’m the new community manager of BolehVPN. My main duties here will be to listen to your feedback, and to ensure you’re overall satisfied with our services 😀

So while I’m settling down, I do have some good news to rollout today. We welcome you to our new facebook page! To be a fan, to discuss, and to give us your reviews. Also, if you give us a review on facebook. Whether you’re satisfied with our services or not, we’ll give 30 people credit to 3 more days of VPN for your next month!

This review however must be proper. It cannot be one of those: ‘U RULEZ!!1!’, or ‘UR SERVIcE SUXXORZ!” kinda postings ya? Trial accounts do not apply, and this is valid until Jan 31, 2009.


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