New Canadian Server & Clarification for IPTorrents

IPT Access Restored
February 14, 2009
Planned Maintenance on UK2/BolehRoute servers
February 15, 2009
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New Canadian Server & Clarification for IPTorrents

A new Canadian server has been brought up and added to our CALUXSE configs.

As usual, once you have had your support access approved, you may access them here.

I have also been receiving many e-mails, pms and SMSes regarding the IPT password change. If you could take the time to read your initial subscription e-mail (the one that was compulsory reading and came with your certificate/keys), right below the old IPT login details is the following message:

IPTorrents has an excellent range of files and we ask our users to try IPTorrents first before turning to public trackers. Please do not share this account with non-BolehVPN customers and serious action will be taken if this is done. We have numerous checks in place to prevent this from happening.


Username: XXXXX

Password:  XXXXX

You will need to apply here to continue receiving updates on this password which we change from time to time for security reasons.

After approval, you can check this thread for updates to the password.

The password to access the forum is XXXXXXXXX

Go read that again and all will be clear. I will not be entertaining support requests regarding this matter.


  1. pkrisnin says:

    I’m assuming you’ll still need to add your user to #User Info section in the new config.

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