On circumcision and ISPs (P1 and TM sign HSBB agreement)

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October 13, 2011
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October 16, 2011
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On circumcision and ISPs (P1 and TM sign HSBB agreement)

Malaysians especially those in West Malaysia would be familiar with the “Sudah Potong” campaign held by P1 a wireless Wimax broadband provider.

For the non-Malaysian subscribers, “sudah potong” directly translates to “Have you cut it?” cutting off your existing fixed-line broadband system but also makes an innuendo implying circumcision which is a requirement for Muslim men.

This was a direct attack on Telekom Malaysia which is by a huge margin the largest fixed-line internet provider in Malaysia but often criticized for its poor level of service. Subscribing to P1 which was on a separate network was apparently supposed to be faster and hence their main selling point.

Here’s a video of P1’s campaign:


What is funny right now is that P1 and TM have now signed an agreement whereby P1 is tapping into TM’s high speed broadband network to expand its connectivity which was bound to happen given TM’s virtual monopoly over broadband connectivity.

TM’s official twitter account posted this in response:

“Sambung Balik” means ‘connect back’. Ouch…touché!


  1. adam says:

    business. Ultimate aim. Suck everything from us.

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