Silverstone Noble Breeze NB01 Review: Unnecessary

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July 16, 2010
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August 5, 2010
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Silverstone Noble Breeze NB01 Review: Unnecessary

I was in the market for buying a new laptop cooler in April 2010. I had been previously using the CoolerMaster Notepal Infinite and although I generally liked it, it did have some build quality issues where the connector from the cooler to the USB port on the laptop was rather fragile and loose. This resulted in the fans not starting until I jiggled it. I had similar bad experiences with other Coolermaster notebook coolers so decided to try a different company.

My requirements for a notebook cooler this time were

  1. Can be placed on my lap
  2. Good build quality
  3. Decent cooling

As Silverstone is a well known company renowned for its excellent build quality, the Silverstone Noble Breeze NB01 with its all aluminum body seemed like a good idea. It has three 92mm fans, supports up to 15.4 inch notebooks and 4 air intakes which ensured that it would still cool down my laptop even when placed on my lap.

I will just quickly go through the Pros and Cons and slot in my own experiences with it.


  • Aluminum body and the 3 huge fans provide excellent cooling. In fact it probably has one of the best cooling especially when on load.

Graph taken from

  • The large fans are reasonably quiet in operation.


  • Weight: The NB01 is pretty damn heavy. Resting it on my lap with my notebook felt like placing a brick on my lap. It may however be designed to be used solely on the desktop and is a trade off for having an aluminum body.
  • Price: I bought mine at RM184.00 which puts it among the most expensive notebook coolers available in the market
  • Sharp Edges: The NB01 does have sharp edges along its bottom corners where the aluminum mesh bends and I have cut myself accidentally on it several times when placing it on my lap.

  • Build Quality: I had bought this premium product hoping to have excellent build quality. However, upon arrival, when I moved the cooler, I could hear a rattling sound. I found out it was a screw that had gone lose inside. I contacted Silverstone and they took weeks to get back to me so I decided to fix it myself.
  • No easy access: I then realized that there was NO EASY WAY to get inside the cooler. The screws were hidden below the rubber feet which meant you had to remove the rubber feet to get at some of the screws. The cooler was obviously designed not to be opened. This presents a huge maintenance problem especially when your fans get caught up in gunk.
  • Wrap-Up

    I simply cannot recommend the NB01 cooler. Perhaps if you have a 15.4 inch notebook that you don’t intend to move often and just want to make sure it stays cool, then it would do the job well. However its numerous flaws especially the sharp edges are inexcusable in a premium product and at its high price point, it would make sense to just buy a different cooler unless you just have to have aluminum.

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