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Software Update on the Seedbox

Some of you Seedbox users may have already some downtime and errors while using your Seedbox since the day before; we were testing a newer version of rtorrent 0.9.0, which didn’t turn out really well as we received reports that it does not fare well with some private trackers’ policies. Therefore we moved down to version 0.8.9.

And just not long ago, we’ve completed the update. Your Seedboxes should be able to deal with magnet links now. As most of you may have already known, magnet uri requires DHT in order to look for peers and metadata. Although, you may want to disable DHT out of your own preference if you decided not to use magnet links ever. (Options > BitTorrent > Untick “Enable DHT Network”)

Here’s a short read about DHT and the few myths that came along with it for those of you who are interested, on TorrentFreak.

A shout out to all those BolehVPN Seedbox users out there, do not hesitate to contact us via email or on the support forums if you do encounter any sort of trouble while on rtorrent 0.8.9.

Good day.


UPDATE: Users on Kapas may not be able to access their Seedbox via FTP. A temporary solution would be using SFTP. Or you could request http access if required.

UPDATE #2: FTP login errors on Kapas is fixed!

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