Streamyx Downgrades its Speed for Users

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September 15, 2011
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September 17, 2011
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Streamyx Downgrades its Speed for Users

I am not sure if many of you have noticed but over the past few months, users have been having their packages downgraded back to their original subscribed speeds.

In the past, when you bought a 1.0 mbps connection from Streamyx, you’ll get a 1.5 mbps connection for no additional fees. This was enjoyed for a few years. Recently, without any announcement that I am aware of, people have been having their speed cut back to their original speeds.

So if you were having 150-160 kB/sec download speeds, this will now go down to about 80-90 kB/sec.

One cannot help but wonder if it’s a ploy to get people to switch to Unifi or upgrade their package and also conserve their bandwidth at the same time though it’s hard to argue since it was a ‘bonus’ to begin with and top-up for the higher speeds (where available) are not high.


  1. James says:

    Happened to me, though something wrong with the vpn, but i will not upgrade to unifi to have them throttle my speeds after a while.

  2. John says:

    Happenned to me too. Same thing, thought something wrong with VPN as in new configuration but it was not. Formatted system, same thing. Then TM called, promoting their new so called promotion “Streamyx Blockbuster”. Decided to take the Streamyx 4MB package, NOT UniFi. Did not want them to cap, which they will eventually do, sooner or later.

  3. ChocoSnipe says:

    Nope, not just they downgraded back to original subscribed speeds, but I do not know if this happens to others as well, but what happened to me was that, I had subscribed a 4mbps package and they downgraded it to 2mbps out of no reason, I had to call them, lodged a complaint… and have them fix it, though now and then the speed jumbles up and down, funny huh?

  4. jack says:

    once they promoted to me 2mbps package for my area…now they say 2mbps not possible,only unifi…and tm technician also confirm that my area can support 2mbps…such tactics 🙁

  5. dejiko says:

    You are lucky. Over in Sarawak we don’t get UniFi and I asked about upgrading to 2Mb and my area is not in there.

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