Streamyx IP ranges performance has changed

Streamyx Acknowledges Websites Issues
April 20, 2009
TM Issues Worsens…and makes their tech support unreachable
April 28, 2009
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Streamyx IP ranges performance has changed

I have noticed something quite interesting. Previously good IP ranges have now been rendered unusable while some bad IP ranges have become very good.

For e.g. in Kuching, previously 60.54.x.x and 124.82.x.x were decent IP ranges while 124.13 was quite bad and 118.x.x.x and 115.x.x.x are the worst. However it seems the 118.x.x.x IP I’m on has become blazing fast and there are reports that 115 is now stable.

Although I’m not saying this is the case for everyone, I am strongly urging those who are getting poor speeds to reevaluate their IP ranges as in our FAQ to see which IP ranges work for them as performance seems to have shifted.


  1. Allen says:

    you’re right. IP range are rather faster than IP range

  2. Wolffeh says:

    Eat that, snobbish 60.xx ip users…


  3. Mechaball says:

    I can confirm. 115.x.x.x in Kuching which is slow previously is now quite stable.

  4. LordSparda says:

    Yeah, I’m downloading at 200kb/s on my 2MB line via Previously was lucky if I could hit 10kb/s with that range XD

    But for some reason web browsing is slow… hmm… a p2p specialized IP range? 😛

  5. Dooku says:

    At the moment.. any pool of IP in Penang are rendered useless…

  6. Raymond says:

    No wonder the good IP range performance is so poor.

  7. Eddie5 says:

    In kl, except for 60.50.*.* and 60.54.*.*, everything else seems really bad…

  8. Eddie5 says:

    Correction, seems to be all ip ranges have been snooked in KL. Something that downloading at 140 kbps is now 4.3.


  9. Eddie5 says:

    Lots of timeouts as well. So it might be just a temp thing… I hope.

  10. Eddie5a says:

    it’s really slow everywhere in kl now in all IP ranges.

  11. Eddie5a says:

    Yup. Simply terrible timeouts in all ranges of IPs.

  12. 4lenangel says:

    After Tm claim their service recovered all just work fine,
    start from yesterday among all of 9 ip range i can get only 1 of them worked fine,
    2day all sucked > <
    Hell ya TmNut!

  13. Bryan says:

    Thanks for the update, 118 seems good now here in Sabah.

  14. longman says:

    i’m at 60.xxxxx torrent download at ave 90kB

    screamyx 1MB soho

    location klang

    i believe it’s ok…

  15. Knoblet says:

    60.52.xx.xx now worse than useless in Sarawak AND I can’t get off it!!!!!

  16. edan1979 says:

    yup kl is suck out all ip…

  17. ibex7 says:

    Hey guys, I think TM already take note on this email complaining their horrendous service: . I was rather enjoyed reading the posted email and the response by the forumers 🙂

  18. Jonz says:

    In subang area, all ip ranges suck xcept 60.48.x.x, worst is 60.50.x.x ranges

  19. ningbob says:

    stuck at & won’t change to, tried since yesterday !

  20. ningbob says:

    ahhhhhhhhh! still stuck at can’t change!

  21. odeno says:

    Yup… tested… 60.50.x.x. used to be good ip for downloading and p2p stuff in subang appears to be halved the speed. The ip range 60.49.x.x and 118.x.x.x which used to be bad ip working opposite.. blazing full speed…

  22. ningbob says:

    cannot run away from bad ip range why? why? why? F*^K sreamyx!

  23. snow_meow says:

    I find that all IP ranges suck for Ampang.
    I wonder what on earth happen and whether I should even bother to complain.

    Speeds for 512K account is the same as 1Gb. WTF!!

  24. Andy says:

    WTF Streamyx. My connection is like hell recently. Downloading and surfing is god damn slow.

  25. CK says:

    Anyone having trouble connecting to their Streamyx since yesterday? I haven’t been able to go online at all, it can’t even load up bloody Google page!

  26. CK says:

    Reuben: Thanks for the update, yep it’s been shit the last 2 days. It shows that I’m connected to the net but i can’t load any webpage at all…a real piece of crap broadband!

  27. carmatic says:

    whatever IP you are on, make sure that your chosen bolehvpn server can connect in less than ~15 seconds… otherwise cabut the line from the modem and wait for the ‘connected’ LED to padam, so you get a new IP when you pasangkan the line again…. repeat until you can connect fast enough

  28. Omniscient says:

    carmatic continues his superb record of posting replies with no value whatsoever (aka utter crap).

  29. okbplis says:

    any idea when will these ip thing over and resolve?

  30. ryan says:

    the thing is.. in my opinion,

    certain ip allocation is best for certain web servers.. 60 best for north Europe sites — Rapidshare and etc.. 124/118 for asia sites, i just get 115 best for US sites.. just my own theory thought.

    When i want to download file from rapidshare i always change to 60..
    For microsoft updates / US site updates – 115
    Malaysian, Singapore and others 124/118

    and use download mirrors which located nearest your IP not not our neighbors – singapore/australia/china…..

    i use 2mb package. with that certain ip i can throttle down-ward for 200kbs – i guest that the best for our “beloved” 2mb streamyx package..

    other on my opinion, the location of your service is important- if the location is having high traffic (havoc) then slower to serve you (ampang/damansara/shah alam).

    just my opinion and thought..

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