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February 20, 2009
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February 22, 2009
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Pulling Your Hair OutMalaysian Users:

I know I know, this is the 3rd time I’ve posted regarding this but it appears not everyone has gotten the message and still spamming me with support requests for slow/poor connectivity πŸ˜€ Give poor me a break and direct your energies to the party at fault…your beloved ISP TMNet.

For Malaysian customers, please note that Streamyx has a CONFIRMED problem. As usual they haven’t provided any details except that connectivity to ‘certain’ (yea more than 50% of them…) websites have been affected.

For those of you who don’t believe me (Malaysians seem to be a distrustful bunch thinking I’m trying to push the blame away), you may call 100, press 2 for English, press 2 for Internet Support and press 1 for Technical Assistance. Within a few seconds you’ll hear the automated messages announcing the disruption.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Latest Update 22 February 2009 12:37 AM (GMT +8): Problems still persist. Funnily when I call 100 this time and press 2 for English and then 2 for Internet/Streamyx issues, it will consistently cut me off. I guess they are being spammed with support requests!

BothΒ  TM’s official website and the Streamyx websites are also slow in loading though I think this has something to do with the following announcement on TM’s website:

February 20, 2009 Dear Customers,
Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) wishes to inform its customers that it will be performing a maintenance exercise for its TM Online Services ( from 7.00 pm on Saturday, 21st February 2009 until 10 am on Sunday, 22 February 2009.

As a result, customers will not be able to login into TM Online application during the said period.

We wish to assure you that the services would be back to normal after the said period.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Well hopefully we’ll wake up tomorrow morning to a brighter internet πŸ˜€

Or Not:



  1. samlee860407 says:

    well, for my experience now, when ic all 100, i wont have a chance to press 2 or any shit

    coz it will be in engage tone. lol

  2. samlee860407 says:

    coz = cause

  3. tmnetsux says:

    I called TMNet once a quite a while ago (before discovering bolehvpn) – and after all the hoo-haa in arguing with them… discovered that they have absolutely no network hardware standards i.e. some equipment are branded while the rest (newer) are “cap kapak” brand. Probably to save costs – at the expense of service stability. What was best, was that they blamed my modem for being “incompatible” (when the fact was I used the same device for the past few years with no problems). I then paid a short visit to my modem manufacturer’s service center to check out my modem. You guessed it right… the modem was okay. When I asked TMNet for a list of modems that supposedly “work with TMNet”, they couldn’t give an answer other than the brand name (i.e. Riger) without any specific model numbers.

    “A little bird” even told me that from the throttling and “best effort” bandwidth that TMNet provides to its users, they resell the “excess capacity”. That’s why none of us ever get the bandwidth we pay for.

    Of course this is just heresay and not backed by any documentation whatsoever (well at least not to the public) – but don’t be surprised if it’s 100% true! TMnet boleh! BOLEH BLAH!

  4. CincauHangus says:

    Reuben asked because of what?

  5. krizalis says:

    I think most people blames BolehVPN because they didn’t bother to read this blog for the latest news.. Whenever connections are slow, they point fingers at BolehVPN when the problem was actually at Streamyx themselves! Therefore.. We must read announcements/forum/blogs for the latest information before putting the blame else where! πŸ™‚

    You go Reuben ^_^

  6. housedetective says:

    i NEVER doubt BOLEHVPN, rubes has keep this service running smooth all along.. furthermore, I Propose Reuben takes the CEO position at TM… no, i demand it!
    Who’s with me?

  7. samlee860407 says:

    i gona go TMpoint tomorrow and f*** them up

    simply charge me rm173.24 for nothing….grrrr!!!

  8. Reuben says:

    housedetective: Don’t forget Pit Boss who does a lot of the dirty work πŸ˜› I just deal with the rotten fruits thrown at us πŸ˜€

  9. housedetective says:

    LOL true true!

  10. meidian says:

    I can’t even get kaspersky to update, so it’s not spaming.

    It’s streamyx problem, blame obama or na*** or who ever.

    It’s just so shitty and the font size is too small!!!

  11. dragonball says:

    Reuben & Pit Boss Boleh!!! TMnut suck my ****!!! Hell with the M’sian ISP!!! Hell with the M’sian G’ment!!!

  12. twizted says:

    sunday is about to end and the service is getting crapier by the hour.

  13. twizted says:

    I think I am being ripped off with RM 110 per month with such crappy speed.

  14. dragonball says:

    heh heh…. it would be n.a.j.i.s!

  15. dpwong says:

    Streamyx promoting new packages in Bintulu . Wonder if I have to get 4 MPS package???

  16. dragonball says:

    any idea when is the tmnut going to be normal? can’t access the website and they kept hanging up when i call to complain.

  17. jeff says:

    the problem still persists. and calling for help is of no help as TM’s customer service line is as useless as ever. Just like you, I even got cut off on several occassions. Looks like someone is chickening out…

    TM…even if you have problems, please have the decency to post an announcement on your site to inform subscribers. it is really really frustrating when you do not know what on earth is happening and each time you call the very person who should be helping you (yup…customer service) they seemed to be playing hide and seek than doing what they are paid to do.

    I am not sure about others but I am sick and tired of all sorts of excuses from the beloved ISP. We have been having a lot of that from the politicians…so please spare us more agony. just do what you are suppose to do and leave all the sweet talks and sweet promises to the politicians.

  18. EJ says:

    imma switch / try P1 W1MAX when it reaches my area, only one section 2 go. if its all good then i’ll be using dat instead of d s*cky, inconsistence streamyx.

  19. dragonball says:

    I think they are back to normal….

  20. Jeremy says:

    back to normal? International line still load like turtle.. many sites are loading slow.. I have hang up my work for 5 days! WTF!

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