great firewall

July 27, 2019

How China Controls the Internet

While in many parts of the world the debate goes on in regards to the free-flow of information on the internet, in China there is no debate at all. It is well known that the China government maintains a tight control on what its citizens are allowed to see or access. In 2018, […]
December 15, 2012

BolehVPN Great Firewall Bypass Beta Ready!

THIS NOTICE IS ONLY FOR THOSE USERS IN CHINA/IRAN/highly internet restricted countries. Customers of other countries need not use this beta service. It does not improve security since it uses the same encryption. It merely makes VPN traffic harder to identify at the cost of some speed. Thank you for your patience! We […]
December 7, 2012

China and their Great Firewall

For those of you in China having problems connecting to our VPN servers, we have a Great Firewall Bypass config for testing. Just hit update on your BolehVPN-GUI in the settings page. If this works reliably, we’ll add more servers into there. We believe China is blocking UDP based OpenVPN traffic but still […]