February 5, 2013

IPTorrents Account Temporarily Down

Our IPT account has been misused and we are in the process of recovering it. Please hold while we restore it, we hope to have everything back up shortly.
February 20, 2009

IPT Account Restored

The IPT account has been restored and the details are available to those who have had their support access upgraded here. Remember that you have to be logged on to the BolehVPN forum and had your New Subscriber status removed by applying here if you haven’t done so already. Please take note of […]
February 18, 2009

IPT Account Restoration Plan

I have enlisted a few of our trusted users to repair our relationship with IPT. BolehVPN is now dedicating an entire 100 mbit server to the seeding of IPT files to give back some of what our customers have taken… I hope everyone who has enjoyed IPT can Consider giving a donation to […]
February 18, 2009

IPTorrents Account Disabled

Until further notice due to some ppl trying to CHEAT IN RATIO ON A FREELEECH ACCOUNT….(god knows why) by using fake torrent clients….(WHY WHY WHY) the IPTorrents account has been disabled until further notice. I have tried talking with the Admin but he’s not happy and I don’t think that’s much I can […]
February 10, 2009

IPTorrents Theme

We have spoken to the IPT staff and we are seeing if they can bring back the old theme as an option 😀 Stay tuned!
February 10, 2009

IPTorrents Error

Iptorrents is experiencing some issues and we hope to receive an update from then when they are backup. Got error 134 from storage engine SELECT sum(!`left`) seeders, sum(!!`left`) leechers FROM `xbt_files_users` WHERE active = 1 and uid = 288395 We will keep you posted here. Update: And this has been fixed!
February 8, 2009

IPTorrents New Theme Issues

There are some problems with the new theme resulting in the navigation buttons to go missing. If this is the case, please browse to http://www.iptorrents.com/browse.php after logging in.
January 21, 2009

IPTorrents Tracker Issues

IPT is experiencing some issues and the staff are aware of it and are currently in the process of rectifying the issue so you may experience tracker errors while using IPT. No ETA has been given but we don’t expect this to result in any extended downtime. Update: As of 22 January 2009, […]