June 17, 2010

Circuit Faults on AAG Again 16 June 2010

TM has posted another announcement that there is another submarine cable circuit fault on the AAG: Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) wishes to announce that there has been a disruption of its Internet services due to circuit faults on the Asian American Gateway (AAG) submarine cable network at Lantau in China and at the domestic […]
March 26, 2010

TM removes bandwidth cap on HSBB @ UniFi…for now

In a recent Twitter post, TM has removed the bandwidth cap on HSBB @ UniFi for now. With so much invested in making available HSBB and TM eager to get new subscriptions it is of course worried when the general feedback from the public was outrage at the bandwidth caps. After all, how […]
March 18, 2010

HSBB to be released officially on the 24 March 2010?

Just went to the TM site and noticed a countdown happening: Clicking on it brings you to the HSBB teaser site which really doesn’t tease much since it’s just a bunch of text but lends us to believe that either HSBB is going to be launched then OR that HSBB’s details will be […]
March 18, 2009

Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission Complaint

I have now submitted a MCMC complaint via their online complaint centre. Apparently this does get their attention. I’m crossing my fingers to hope for a speedy resolution. I suggest others who are facing connectivity issues to international websites, do the same to put pressure on TM.
February 23, 2009

My Experience Upgrading to 4 Mbit with Streamyx

I’ll let my correspondence to them do the talking: I have recently upgraded my account from 1 mbit RM88/mo to the 4 mbit package. Mr X came a few days ago to my home fix the connection and performed the upgrade and reported that everything was complete. However when I did a speedtest, […]
February 22, 2009

Streamyx Issues Worsens

The Malaysian ISP Streamyx’s issues shows no signs of letting up. It looks to be confirmed as an internal problem as connectivity in Singapore and other neighbouring countries do not seem to be affected. At the point of writing, connectivity to many international sites have worsened to the point that it is barely […]
February 17, 2009

Streamyx Disruption

Malaysian ISP Streamyx is continuing to face problems with their service. Calling their customer care hotline returns the following notices: Customers may be experiencing slow browsing issues to some websites. Restoration still in progress. (this affects all Streamyx users) Service Disruption in Bandar Baru Ampang, Selangor and Sibu, Sarawak (confirmed areas of outages) […]