Telekom Malaysia having nationwide issues

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Telekom Malaysia having nationwide issues

For those of you whose ISP is Telekom Malaysia, we have been experiencing and receiving reports of intermittent connectivity and slowdowns since late last night till now. There appears to be no official announcement from TM as of yet.


  1. Roffle says:

    I’m experiencing slow downloads from US servers.

  2. vanhoe says:

    why am i not surprised?

  3. Tee says:

    Yes why there isn’t any announcements from TM? At least tell us when will this lag ends!

  4. blamethrower says:

    Internet access almost non-existent today!

  5. NTTM says:

    “Semua pegawai perkhidmatan pelanggan kami masih sibuk, kami akan melayani anda secepat mungkin..”
    Thanks God it was on fixed line .

    Poor customer service, or too many complain calls?

  6. blamethrower says:

    Either way, they should at least acknowledge the problem rather than leaving everyone hanging.

    But hey whatever! It’s just the nationwide internet! It’s not like it’s very important or anything!

  7. mysoo says:

    I just called TM CSD just now. Spoke to CS officer , En Hadi. As usual he asked me to the standard stuff off/on modem. Ask Hadi is this a nationwide issue. He said don’t know, he’s not aware. Immediately scolded him for bullshitting me since the public already knew. Finally, he admitted they just found out today.
    Asked Hadi why he never mention this in the first place when I call ? And how come suddenly he knows?
    He keep saying only found just now.
    Ask Hadi again, when will the issue be solve? He ask me to check again 2moro
    Ask Hadi if this problem persist, how’s TM going to compensate me ? He just silent.
    Ask Hadi for my complaint report reference no. He said no ID because this is a nationwide issue.
    So, this is how TM & VADS operate. Full of shit.

  8. Lucian says:

    |So what did mr hadi say was the problem mysoo?

  9. mysoo says:

    Lucian ,
    Seem TM is having some issues with international connection.
    But those CS officer at VADS try to cover & wipe TM ass by denying everything.
    So, we all just need to keep calling TM CSD and f*ck them kaw2 until they admit, then post it online.
    Lots of ppl post the same issue in Lowyet net. Unifi user also affected.
    Those who make the most noise will get their problem solve first. First come first serve.

  10. WayneCheah says:

    I called 100 yesterday night, before I reached the operator, the phone system announced there’s an line issue at Penang and Sabah.. Then I confirmed this with the operator, but she doesn’t know when this issue may be solved…
    Is it possible for me to request refund? Coz my speed always drops to 1.9Mbps instead of 4Mbps..

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