The Best Ever Galaxy S3 and HTC One X Comparison

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The Best Ever Galaxy S3 and HTC One X Comparison

Being a smartphone addict and a HTC One X owner, I’ve been following the Samsung Galaxy S3 very closely to see how it stands up. There’s so many crappy spam articles out there with a mere spec comparison. I’ve also taken a look at several video comparisons but they’re often heavily biased. However, I finally found the ultimate Galaxy S3 and HTC One X comparison video made by Ava of HeelsandTech which I have included below with their kind permission! Amazing detail and unbiased.

In short, the S3 in terms of performance and functions is superior than the HTC One X with

  • a significantly better battery life,
  • a slightly better UI (TouchWiz has matured!)
  • better sound quality in terms of audio playback (psh Beats)
  • and an unlocked bootloader.

The HTC One X excels in its

  • unique unibody design,
  • accurate representation of colors on its screen,
  • slightly better call quality and
  • a camera that performs slightly better in low light.

If you asked me which phone I would get if I had to get a new one, it would be the S3 simply because of the better battery life despite its more standard looks.

Without further delay, here are the video comparisons courtesy of HeelsandTech.

Part 1

Part 2

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